Learn to make Marshmallows

Learn to make Marshmallows

Learn To Make Marshmallows

Learn To Make Marshmallows

vegetable oil
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup cornstarch
300 grams sugar
100 grams water
25 grams glucose syrup
2 egg whites
Pinch of salt
15 grams powdered gelatin
50 grams flavored syrup
food coloring (optional)
1.Coat a large rectangular pan with vegetable oil.
2.Combine the cornstarch and powdered sugar. Sift a little more than half of the mixture into the pan in one even layer.
3.Combine the sugar, half of the water and the glucose syrup in a saucepan. Heat over high heat.
4.Use a thermometer to gauge the temperature: you want the syrup to come to 130°C/266°F.
5.While the syrup heats, begin preparing the egg whites. Place them in the bowl of a standing mixer and turn it to low speed. When the egg whites become foamy, increase the speed and add the pinch of salt.
6.When the egg whites come to a medium peak, decrease the speed until the sugar is hot enough to add it to the eggs.
7.As soon as it reaches the correct temperature, turn the mixer’s speed to maximum and add the sugar in a slow but steady stream. Reserve the saucepan used to melt the sugar. Allow the egg whites and syrup to mix 1-2 minutes.
8.Pour the dissolved powdered gelatin and water into the saucepan used to melt the sugar and swirl to dissolve. Pour into the bowl of egg whites. Add the syrup or food coloring of your choice.
9.Continue mixing for 5 additional minutes.
10.Stop the mixer and, working quickly, pour the mixture into the prepared pan. Sift some of the remaining cornstarch and sugar over the top of the marshmallow and allow to cool at room temperature for several hours, until it is slightly firm to the touch and completely cool.
11.Cut into bite-sized pieces and coat the cut edges with the remaining cornstarch and sugar mixture. Serve as-is or in a mug of cocoa.

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