Don't skip your MEAL rather have a Power Lunch
Don't skip your MEAL rather have a Power Lunch

Never think of skipping your Lunch, as your midday meal can affect everything, from your mood to your productivity levels here we have few pointers on making it a good one.Early in the week drowning under the sun with piles and piles of work load that's been steadily rising. 
So you think of softening the blow by ordering your favourite comfort food for lunch. Hold that thought, because the choices that you make could very well heighten those weekday blues. 

You want to eat a lunch that keeps you going and doesn't just sit in your tummy, overstating its welcome. You want foods that will help you stay alert and focused after lunch and not leave you permanently hooked to the coffee machine. You want a few easy pointers on how to put together this magical meal. That's where we come in.

Avoid the processed food
Avoid the processed and refined food as they leave you groaning and dozing at your desk the rest of the day.

Stay away from sugars, whites and potatoes. Yes you love them but all they do is spike your blood sugar levels and bring your energy crashing down soon after, leaving you hungry and craving for more.

Crave for more fibre

Fibre helps with controlling your blood sugar as it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates as well as sugars, besides all the roughage it provides will leave you feeling hallo the morning after. So, eat your veggies and salads in abundance.

Take more protein

Lean proteins is really good for you. So you can happily reach out for eggs, tofu, pulses and legumes. These goods energise you and take longer to digest keeping you satiated for a while.

Always plot your portions

This one is no brainer but it can be tough to manage. Eat smaller portions at lunch to avoid kneeling over even before the clock strikes 3. A small salad, a portion of veggies, some rice or roots and a bowl of dal is more than enough to keep you going until snack time.