Navaratri Special Thali Fest
Navaratri Special Thali Fest

The auspicious occasion of Navaratri brings in cheer for everyone. From the best festivities to delicious food, it’s the time for celebration. Khandani Rajdhani is presenting a special ‘Vrat Thali’ on the eve of Navaratri festivities.

Owing to the season, Navaratri fasting food is very different than the rest of the year. Khandani Rajdhani’s expert chefs have perfected the most authentic preparations, made from the freshest ingredients. 

There are the classic favourite dishes like Fruit Shrikhand, Sabudana Wada and Rajgiri Puri along with Farali Pattice, Kuttu Puri, Kele Ki Sabzi, Paneer Vatana, and Shakarkandi Halwa that completely reimagine how food for vrats is prepared.

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