10 midnight snacks that one can binge on

10 midnight snacks that one can binge on

10 midnight snacks that one can binge on, midnight snacks, chocolate chip. If it's something salty and crunchy that you want, have some butter-free...

We all know that middle of the night moment? When hunger runs high and will power runs low. When you would pain yourself to get up from the cosy comfort of your bed and stand in front of the refrigerator going through leftovers or searching kitchen cupboards for that exact something that would hit the spot like ripping open a big bag of chips or a packet of chocolate chip cookies.

The reason why your body craves snacks with high salt and sugar late at night is either because you're not eating enough during the day, are feeling bored or have a habit of eating junk food a lot. It's not easy to inculcate self-control in the moments of gluttonous weakness.

1. Freeze some fruits like grapes, bananas, pears and let them sit in the freezer. The next time you're craving some ice-cream, have one of the frozen fruits. It's much healthier and tastier than it sounds. You could even make a low-fat smoothie with these fruits and low fat yoghurt.

2. If it's something salty and crunchy that you want, have some butter-free salted popcorninstead of potato chips or nachos.

3. Trail mix - a mix of berries, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It's very healthy, rich in anti-oxidants and the good fats. Perfect for the midnight munchies, but in moderation.

4. Baked fruits: if it's something warm, sweet and gooey you're craving, the obvious choice is warm melt-in-your-mouth piece of brownie or pie. But here's another idea, peel a banana or core and apple or pear, bake it with just a sprinkle of brown sugar on top just enough to make it all soft, take it out, sprinkle some cinnamon and enjoy. It's almost like pie without the high calorie crust!

5. There's no harm in looking up the leftovers from dinner. As long as you keep the portion small and don't make into dinner #2, leftovers make a good midnight snack.

6. Make a one bread slice sandwich: not too filling yet just right to satiate the hunger pangs. Sliced ham, turkey, peanut butter or low fat cream cheese. Take your pick from whatever you have available in your pantry.

7. When you want something as sinful as chocolate- try dates. They are very sweet but its au natural. Nothing processed; just pure goodness of nature.

8. Slice some salad veggies like carrots and radishes, dip them in any pre-made dip you may have sitting in your refrigerator- salsa, guacamole, hummus or even low fat yoghurt with some dressing.

9. Whole grain cereals like wheat flakes, bran flakes, muesli and rolled oats. Breakfast food yes, but a very easy midnight snack too! Have it by itself, in skim milk or yogurt.

10. Have some warm milk or munch on some cottage cheese. High in protein, they will fill you up quickly and warm milk will help you sleep better.

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