Poetry. Half the city is in blockade, nothing seems in usual cascade, has someone come to invade.


How the Sun’s shine,
Makes the world glow divine,
See the creator’s design,
Its bliss as wine,
Its always in line.
Sun the eternal sign,
Those tall pine,
The mighty alpine,
The sea’s frothing brine,
The earthly winds, all so fine.
It’s only for you to have their fate destine,
Because only you have a heart, large as a mine,
Your splendour is beyond any mans’ define,
Even in wrath you seem so bliss,
When cloud and earth kiss,
You show a coloured bow that none can miss,
Every morning is an eastern fest,
To see the best,
Half the city is in blockade,
nothing seems in usual cascade,
has someone come to invade.
No, it’s there in the shade,
just one more fancy parade,
The smooth wavering chariot,
on a shady green road,
it’s the kings hut,
in true regal code.
Sweaty men from each street,
flock to greet,
the ruler smiles back neat,
but only few see his true meat.
No, he’s made no conquer,
he’s no saviour or victor,
he was once our senator,
the last time he made his chatter,
you thought there was no one greater,
Renouncing Pride
Yes have your way,
and just get away,
you think you’ve had your sway,
but I’ll be back on a stronger bay,
then it’ll be my day,
In life’s fray,
there is a human array,
don’t behave stray,
just because someone’s not your way,
still we are all only of clay,
all it takes is nature’s one spray,
to have us all slay,
we are all also one of nature’s prey,
why then make delay,
be true to your action and pray.
Just make the stay,
on life’s narrow ray,
a tale lovely to say,
and have respect enough for a fellow to pay
Innocent Happiness
Days seem to sag,
time begins to lag,
with chagrin i brag,
bearing a mournful tag,
no mountains crashed,
no dreams' smashed,
my eyes just flashed,
the hand casually lashed,
and my chocolate cake's bashed,
sweet moments all dashed,
just five years old,
i cant be consoled,
emotions roll and unfold,
no more can i hold,
all try to pacify,
but all I try,
is keep in eye,
the next time when my joy can fly.
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