2,000 students donate 2,200 kilograms of rice as part of the Rice Bucket Challenge 


Karimnagar: A thought can kindle thousand minds, and this proved to be right in the case of Apoorva Degree College in Karimnagar. Taking the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’ one step ahead, the students of Apoorva Degree College took the challenge in a grand way. Around 2,000 students distributed 2,200 kilograms of rice to poor families here on Wednesday.   

It took the students and the faculty members three days to conceive the concept for the challenge.  Each student volunteered to get one kilogram of rice and rest 200 kilograms were sponsored by the faculty members. 


Karimnagar mayor Ravinder Singh also participated in the challenge. The event started around 11.30 am and the students went to the homes of the needy to distribute the rice. Around 225 families and five orphanages benefited from this challenge.


“I felt the idea was unique and would definitely help the poor. I shared the idea with students and they came forward with a lot of enthusiasm. Along with the students, the faculty members also supported us to complete this challenge,” says P Venu, correspondent, Apoorva Degree College.


“We were inspired by the challenge and came together to aid the poor. The youth of the country has the power to do anything, I urge more and more students to come forward and take up this challenge,” says M Babitha, BBM IInd year, Apoorva Degree College.


The Rice Bucket Challenge was conceived by Manju Latha Kalanidhi, former features editor of The Hans India newspaper. 


Manju’s post on Facebook kicked off this challenge. On her wall she posted -“My own local, practical and tangible version/response to #icebucketchallenge... save water feed the hungry!".


The idea took the social media by storm and got viral in no time. Youngsters, in particular took part in the challenge enthusiastically. As the news spread, celebrities like Ken Ghosh and Suchitra Krishnamoorthi also took the challenge. 


“I think this is Rice Bucket Challenge's first milestone. The youth of Karimanagar have proved they've got the capability to take up this challenge in a big way. Facebook and youth have been synonymous with 'time waste', not these guys though. They have used a cause on social media for social benefit,” says Manju Latha Kalanidhi.


 These are the latest figures for Rice Bucket Challenge: Page likes 41,401; post reach 3,12,113 and counting.