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people speak

Hyderabad Hans readers make an appeal to authorities to look into their concerns

Hyderabad Hans readers make an appeal to authorities to look into their concerns

Road safety precautions

Seeing that motorists often proceed on to the other side of the road while overtaking other vehicles, we, the members of Heaven Welfare Organisation, propose to have dividers on all roads in the city and that these dividers must be raised to a certain height. Also they should be coated with radium paint for visibility during night time. We have organised rallies in this regard and hope that the authorities take necessary steps to have these dividers in place and prevent road accidents.

Heaven Welfare Organisation

Suspicious about oil adulteration

We buy Saffola Green Pack Oil regularly. Recently we bought 3 packs of the oil from a supermarket. We used the oil today and found that it was too fizzy. The food that was cooked using this oil upset our stomachs and all the members of my family fell sick for a few days. I suspect that the oil was adulterated. It is terrifying to think that reputed brands such as Saffola might be indulging in adulteration. I request the officials of the concerned authorities and the inspection committee to attend to this complaint and check the quality of the product being sold.

MS Sastry, Begumpet

Advice to the RTC

I would like to advice the Road Transport Corporation (RTC) to divert 50 per cent of the buses plying on the 127K route towards Road No. 45 instead of going towards Jubilee Hills Check Post. Heavy traffic and the resulting jams are a common sight due to the Metro works at the Check Post, Peddamma Temple, Madhapur and Road No. 36. By diverting the buses towards Road No. 45, which is an alternate and shorter route, commuters can save time and the RTC can save fuel, which would help in reducing pollution. This way, the commuters can reach their offices on time.

Bikshapathi Rao Nayakwadi, Shivam Road

Fault in management

This is regarding an issue with ICICI bank that was recently published in your newspaper. It was the first time I had taken a loan and on enquiring how to pay the EMI, Ahmed, an employee at the Diamond Point branch, asked me to pay the amount by dropping a cheque with the amount along with the amount payable on the credit card. A week later I received a phone call from the bank people telling me that the amount wasn’t received and to please pay the amount. I insisted that I’d paid and they reasoned that the EMI must be paid towards a loan account number and not towards the credit card number. So I told the person calling that the bank could transfer the amount that I’d paid towards the credit to the EMI. The person on the phone accepted but said that I would be charged a late fee of Rs 1,500. I have been getting calls from the bank officials to pay the late fee on the EMI, despite repeatedly telling them that I paid the EMI before the due date. This is a serious issue and I demand compensation. As a customer I very well understand that we ought to pay a late fee after the due date. But how does the bank expect me to pay the amount again when I have already paid it? I request the bank officials to look into this matter and offer a solution.

Suresh Pentam, Bowenpally

Passport lost by the PO

I had applied for a passport on August 13. Later on September 6 my passport status changed to ‘Passport has been printed you will receive an SMS or email once dispatched’. But till now my passport is not dispatched. So I went to the Passport Office (PO) in Secunderabad and they said that my passport was not there at the office. They mentioned that the passport might have been lost, but asked me to wait for another 10 days. I cannot wait as I need to submit my passport to the company I got placed in order to finish the necessary formalities for joining. I don't know what to do.

Pradeep, Himayathnagar

Service centre’s lack of responsibility

My washing machine was vibrating more than usual. So I called up a service centre four months back and a technician attended to it and confirmed that there was a problem with a specific part and as per his advice purchased a new one. However, the problem was not solved. Again I raised a complaint and a technician called me to rectify the problem. One technician said there was a problem with the shock absorbers of the machine and promised that he would rectify the problem by replacing them soon. Later, I received a call from another person who asked me what the problem was. As the problem remained unresolved I had to explain the problem over and over again to different technicians. It has been 5 months since I first called the service centre. Also I spent Rs1,450 towards purchasing a new part which was not required. I feel that the technicians from the service centre lack responsibility and that they must be held responsible for my having to shell out money unnecessarily.

Sarathi, Ameerpet

Non-functional AC in 10H/17H bus

The air-conditioning in 10H/17H bus from Madhapur to ECIL X Roads seems to be encountering problems quite frequently. I had boarded the bus on Friday from Madhapur and the AC stopped functioning at Ameerpet. It again started functioning while nearing ECIL. This has become a phenomenon. The passengers are paying Rs 35 for the ticket and it’s quite discomforting to commute without the AC as the bus doesn’t have windows for ventilation. I request the APSRTC officials to look into the issue urgently.

Divya Sharma, AS Rao Nagar

Illegal constructions and encroachments

Rampant illegal constructions have been taking place in and around Alugadda Baavi, Mettuguda. The road, which is already narrowed down, is being encroached by unruly owners of various buildings by having ramps at their entrances. This narrows down the road even more, and due to the presence of these ramps unwary motorists might succumb to road accidents. Also construction of more than two floors in an area of less than 75 square yards is not permitted, but various constructers are violating this and are erecting buildings of two to three floors. I request the officials of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to look into the matter and see to it that such buildings are demolished.

Rakesh, Mettuguda

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