Following the decision of building a capital near Thullur, the steamer service between Rayapudi of Guntur district and Ibrahimpatnam of Krishna district is becoming immensely popular amongst denizens. The steamer service is available from 6.30 am to 6 pm. Thullur is seen as the first capital city with a direct waterway from Hyderabad-Vijayawada-Kolkata National Highway.


The residents in Thullur, Rayapudi and other villages of the capital region have to travel 30 to 36 km to reach Vijayawada, but the waterway reduces the distance to 16 km only.

A farmer of Nekkallu village in the capital region, U Raja Rao, said, “We reach Krishna district, by paying Rs 22, in 20 minutes by the steamer. This will be of more help for the villagers of the capital region, once the capital city is constructed”.


One can reach Rayapudi by a steamer and then go to Thullur, which is 3 km away by autorickshaw.


Realtor SK Basha said, “Since this is the only capital city with a highway-linked waterway the government should modernise it by introducing boats and cruises.”