Petting catching up in Guntur

Petting catching up in Guntur

Petting catching up in Guntur.The culture of domesticating pets, birds and aqua-species is gaining ground in Guntur with a number of pet shops...

The culture of domesticating pets, birds and aqua-species is gaining ground in Guntur with a number of pet shops sprouting all over the city. Youngsters have found a new avenue for self employment by establishing pet centres and aquarium shops which are attracting the young and old alike.

Rabbit rearing is a new fad among people in Guntur

Animal lovers are making a bee line to these shops to buy the pet of their choice. The choice includes multiple breeds of puppies, rabbits, birds like finches, cocktails, African love birds, Silky Chicken, fancy pigeons and aquariums filled with colourful fish species.

Suleman Khan, who owns Pet Paradise at Brodipet, says that of late the culture of owning pets is picking up for a variety of reasons. “They are some who take animals and birds home out of love while others find a companion and a friend in these creatures,” he says.

Aquariums are also seeing many takers

Margaret who lives all alone in her house says, "I am raising love birds, a dog and have an aquarium in my house which offers me solace as I am alone. Despite having none to greet me, these birds with their lovely chirping voice, fill my home with life and drive away my loneliness. My dog is my companion, protector and my guard. Life of late is happy for me and the day passes off without any negative thoughts."

It’s not just her, Narayana and his wife Pramila living in Arundalpet say, “The sound of birds are enough to fill the vacuum of a home devoid of children. The sweet looking rabbits which loiter around the house gives us bliss and these pets knows no malice.”Pets also offer a diversion to children who always cling on to television. No wonder that the 25 odd pet shops in the city are doing handsome business.

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