Spreading the joy of laughter

Spreading the joy of laughter

Spreading the joy of laughter. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Well that was scenario on Sunday morning at Tank Bund where the laughter club...

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. And, these people have been laughing together for the past 18 years. Founded on May 1, 1997, the ‘Always Be Cheerful (ABC) Laughter Club’ celebrated its foundation day and World Laughter Day on Sunday morning at Tank Bund and were seen in high spirits with hundreds laughing away to glory

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Well that was scenario on Sunday morning at Tank Bund where the laughter club Always Be Cheerful (ABC) not only laughed but made others join them and whooped ‘Ek do teen char -- Khulke Haso Baar Baar’.

The rally filled with shrieks and loud laughter burst into life as the members of the club threw up their hands up and laughed wholeheartedly, much to the amusement of onlookers. It was an occasion, where people irrespective of their age took part. Kids, youngsters, senior citizens and the members of the club laughed with their eyes wide open, flashing out big smiles, some with their tongue sticking out, some holding their stomach, giggling in fits of mirth.

“We formed the club way back in May 1, 1997 and as the World Laughter Day falls on first Sunday of May, we are celebrating our 18 years of journey. There are total 15 such clubs in Hyderabad. And, our main aim is to create awareness by spreading the message about the benefits of laughter therapy. Many people, who were once suffering from blood pressure, sinus, depression and other stress related diseases have benefited from the therapy.

Laughter increases the stamina and prepares our mind to face all adversities with utmost ease”, says Shirin Punjwani, the founder and the president of ABC Laughter Club. Dr A K Purohit, Neuro Surgeon from NIMS, says, “In today’s life, the people have forgotten the value and joy of life and have given into stress, tension and anger. We have to use this kind of therapy like a medicine because that will make our body active.”

Ashok Bhosle, a businessman and a core member of the club, says, “Laughter therapy is a life-saver. In 1998 I got a heart attack and bypass surgery was not an option as per the doctor. So, I joined this club in the year 1999 and today I am much better and doing good. It has made a huge impact on my life. Laughter acts as a medicine to cure your inner problems, so just laugh out loud from the bottom of your heart.”

The guests at the event, Jayaprakash, Dr A K Purohit, Dr Kanthi Lal, Suraj Prasad Agarwal and Rajkumarji Saraiwala rendered few couplets and cracked jokes to which the people burst out laughing. Surely with their and others loud laughing-spree, ABC Laughter Club have sent out a message that a good laugh can do wonders. With those joyful and cheerful faces all around at the event, this saying holds true – Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods.

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