Pamper yourself during menstruation

Pamper yourself during menstruation

Pamper yourself during menstruation. “First of all... Thank you!! For taking care of me. And am not just saying -'me-'. I mean ME… all the girls out...

“First of all... Thank you!! For taking care of me. And am not just saying 'me'. I mean ME… all the girls out there. Making us feel special in our tough days. I received my first box four days back and it felt sooo good just to open that. Again all the gifts that you had put in there, the surprise factor is just the best.. such a pretty scarf.

Love the concept!!! And wish you all the luck guys. PS: I would recommend cosmetics..” reads a testimonial by Sakshi Aggarwal, from Delhi. This was how she expressed her gratitude to ‘Being Juliet’, a city-startup.

Being Juliet, has a quite different business model. It has subscribers, to whom it provides a monthly box, which is a customised assortment of sanitary supplies coupled with small thoughtful gifts, to make every young girl and woman feel loved, wanted and cared for on her most trying and painful days.

“The current lifestyle of a modern girl or woman while she is swinging in between the boardroom, her home or her child’s PTM leaves no time for her. So much so that, more often than not, we forget that our periods are due the next day,” informs Rashi Bajaj, the founder of Being Juliet in

This is not her first startup, she is also the founder of Carpet Couture, where she makes customised rugs and carpets. Rashi has found great support in her family and life partner. “To be very honest, my husband’s enthusiasm and drive altered my attitude from an easygoing person to a go-getter entrepreneur,” she said in the interview.

The most challenging bit for Rashi was to makes customers see the value proposition of the concept and “To convince the first brand to give yet another startup an appointment.

I was proposing pampering women during periods by sending them a box full of goodies (and sanitary supplies) five days before their periods (to save them from the last minute run/hassle to rush to pharmacy).

For traditional marketers, this wasn’t a regular route to promote their products. However, once they sat down, understood the concept and the value it brings on board for women, they loved it.”

“During the growing up days, I always saw my mother play a rock-solid support for my dad, who would work 18 hours a day in his business, and always stayed positive. This somewhere became a part of ‘being.’ With my husband as well the scenario was the same- these individuals have had a great impact in the way I run my business.”

According to Rashi, society is undergoing a transition where a woman’s career is gaining importance. But as a woman entrepreneur, she still feels that some challenges are specific to women like travelling late at night, via flight or inter-city cabs.

Rashi is looking forward to make more and more women feel pampered, and the best motivation for her comes from her clients who have been writing to her with positive feedback. “Sometimes the emails that we get are so overwhelming that I simply want to go over there and hug her!”

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