Harun Robert

Harun Robert a.k.a Rob is one of India’s biggest and most popular kids’ icons, having curated a wonderful series of art and craft shows on the TV channel for kids called Pogo.

“It has been long since I did the series on Pogo channel, which used to be telecast on Sundays. With the digital age, every child would like to have 24x7 access to such popular shows. 

That’s the reason why this show has been launched as a YouTube channel,” shares Rob, whose show named M.A.D received a huge response from kids. Recently an anthem  song for his YouTube channel, called Mad Stuff With Rob, was also recorded and posted. The work of collaboration with DJ Waley Babu and Rob has crossed viewership of more than one lakh hits. 

Rob, a student from the College of Art, Delhi, later studied animation at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. About his career, he says, “I started working in an animation and design company where we used to design content for kids. 

I always thought of possibilities of art being taught to kids in a fun-learning method. I was very happy to know that parents encouraged their kids to watch my television show as they found it educative and inspiring.” 

He, has many fans whose young hearts beat for his creativity, and today hosts shows that are not only educative to children, but even for parents. His shows for adults are on topics of space planning in a house or on usage of recycled materials, etc. Nevertheless, kids are his favourite viewers. 

Rob goes on to share about his love for the format wherein he has the opportunity to interact with kids and hear their genuine feelings. “Kids are the most honest; they do not hide feelings and thoughts. I may think I have the simplest technique, but kids put forth better ideas and it is a learning process for me to redesign my approach,” he says.  

By:Jaywant Naidu

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