Celebrities and their restaurant chains

Celebrities and their restaurant chains

It is essentially a modern grill house serving exquisite dishes. 

Craving for some really good food in a dreamy place? Mithun Chakraborty has got that figured out for you (for once, it's not his dance-steps alone that will blow your mind). Need Bengali food to satisfy your soul? Who would have thought Sushmita Sen would have set the scene for that! Need to throw/attend an epic party? DJ Aqueel knows just the thing. Any takes for Long Island Iced Teas? Suniel Shetty (of all people) is your saviour, I kid you not. Not only have these celebrities managed to entertain us on-screen, some famous celebrities decided to throw open some really good eateries and take the fan-following to another level. Here are 10 famous celebrities who own these joints.

N Grill by Nagarjuna, Hyderabad
It is essentially a modern grill house serving exquisite dishes. When it comes to Nagarjuna, even imagining he would have any time off from his acting-schedule is just impossible. Don't know how the time clock works for him, but his modern grill house in Hyderabad is an absolute delight.

Gondola by Perizaad Zorabian, Mumbai
It has recieved rave reviews about its sizzlers and seafood. Following the mantra of quality above all, Perizaad owns to her name a small jewel tucked in the heart of Bandra. Simple and old school, this place welcomes you with a warm heart and nummy num nums.

Butterfly Bakery By Sarah Jane Dias, Mumbai
This bakery offers the most delicious and hard-to-resist cupcakes. Co-owned by former model and actor Sarah Jane Dias, Butterfly Bakery serves cupcakes that look like a dream. Now, if you want a fluffy frosty cupcake topped with a drizzle of chocolate chips, you damn well know where you are guaranteed to get one.

Tendulkar's World by Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai
Every piece of crockery in Tendulkar's World has Sachin's signature on it. The God of cricket is not limited to cricket alone - he is also an MP and a successful businessman. Every piece of crockery at this eatery has Sachin's signature on it and the menu includes some of his favourite dishes from around the world. Obviously they serve food meant for Gods.

Asha’s by Asha Bhonsle, Dubai
Asha's has no branch in India. She believes in popularising Indian cuisine abroad. Located in places like Dubai, Muscat and UK, Asha takes her melodious singing and delectable dishes abroad with much love from India. They serve to win hearts.

H2O By Suniel Shetty, Mumbai
The Long Island Iced Tea here is extremely popular. Suniel Shetty tried experimenting with the food-business more than a decade ago and there has been no looking back eversince. Popular among everyone, the Long Island Iced Tea they serve is a total boss.

Crepe Station by Dino Morea, Mumbai
Crepe Station offers European delicacies and is one the fastest growing cafe chains in India. Kickstarted by Dino Morea and his brother, Crepe Station Cafe has the reputation of being one of the fastest growing cafe chains in India. Even if Dino Morea could not impress us much with his acting, the crepes, waffles and pancakes never fail to impress.

Bangali Mashi’s Kitchen by Sushmita Sen, Mumbai
If you want authentic Bengali food, you have ended your search. If you love Bengali food and are the kind who loathes making plans, sign yourself up for Bangali Mashi's Kitchen. Modestly priced and warm, head over to the eatery, and prepare for one of the most charming meals of your life.

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