After almost four years of leaving the BJP-led NDA, time has come full circle to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He has made a grand home coming to the NDA – ‘Ghar Wapsi’. Nitish Kumar is not new to BJP ideology, politics or even governance. He has seen it all from very close quarters. If there is anyone leader who had extreme proximity to the tall leaders of BJP since its inception, it is him. He had a splendid and eventful journey as a strong BJP ally way before coalition politics came into vogue. 

Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) had close to 18 years of formal association with BJP and has benefited hugely from this relationship. The alliance with NDA has strengthened JD(U) in Bihar and has increased its influence even in national politics. The Janata Dal (United) was formed with the Sharad Yadav faction of the Janata Dal, the Lokshakti Party and the Samata Party on 30th October 2003. 

The Samata Party led by George Fernandes and Nitish Kumar merged with the Janata Dal. All the leaders of this formation had the experience of working with the founding fathers of BJP. While their political compulsions led them to merge into a different formation, all of them nurtured a special place for BJP in their hearts, which was exhibited multiple times through their political decisions in the crucial timeline of the last two decades. 

I strongly believe in the theory of ‘murder & suicide’ in politics. It proposes, “there are more suicides than murders in politics.” Nitish Kumar has brought upon himself a similar situation in 2013, when he opposed Narendra Modi as a PM nominee of the BJP-led NDA. Nitish had no substantial and logical reasons to resist and oppose Narendra Modi’s well-deserving elevation in 2013. 

It was purely driven out of prejudice, misplaced notions, and wrong judgment. In retrospect, this analysis has been proven right beyond doubt. To target and oppose Narendra Modi was purely an emotional decision bereft of any logic or substance. It has in fact made Narendra Modi a giant of a leader in the due process of his election as a Prime Minister. He has overcome a serious obstacle from within the NDA alliance in the form of Nitish Kumar. Narendra Modi’s rise against this huge adversity has proven that “the toughest teak grows against the roughest winds.” 

The 2013 episode was a political suicide by Nitish Kumar. It is also evident that in politics, there are not many second opportunities and reincarnations. However, Nitish Kumar has been extremely fortunate to have got an unprecedented second opportunity to relive his political career and public life. He has rebuilt a fantastic opportunity to repair and reinvigorate his strained relationship with BJP for the larger good of his party and for the people of Bihar.

There’s nothing grand about the grand alliance [Mahagatbandhan] of Bihar. It was a full-blown alliance born out of political convenience and opportunism. Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav are poles apart in their personal standing as public leaders and their agendas of governance. Their party ideology drives them in two different directions. 

RJD is a political aggressor; it promotes and indulges in politics of crime, corruption and division. This party is driven purely as a ‘mom & pop store’ with all family members at its steering wheel. 

Nitish Kumar with an exception of one wrong decision taken in 2013 is by far one of the exemplary politicians in India with a clean personal and professional track record. It’s unusual for a regional party head in India to possess and preserve such a clean image and deliver efficient and democratic governance. Nitish has proven beyond doubt that he is a man of principles, ideologically in sync with national values of good governance, transparency and accountability. He is a man with simple means and a very simple way of life, which also mirrors the BJP ideology in its entirety. 

I have clearly foreseen the death of Mahagatbandhan [Grand Alliance] immediately after its birth. As one who understands the value system of Nitish Kumar, it is not quite hard to analyse the predicament. The tomb was prepared with its birth date; the expiry date was due, it was just a matter of time. Today, it’s formalised. It’s impossible that Nitish could have sailed with Lalu Yadav and his clan for a full term. 

The relationship smacked of total exploitation of power, usurping authority from CM, destroying Nitish’s personal reputation and above all forced misgovernance thrust on the people of Bihar from RJD’s family power players.  It’s a dead end for RJD and its politics led by Lalu Yadav’s family in Bihar. 

New India has already rejected similar models across the nation. Congress, the mother of dynastic politics in this country, is terminally ill and is on its death bed. It will suffer full extinction after 2019. RJD is also on its path to natural extinction, with incredulous second-generation juveniles at its helm. RJD’s immediate focus needs to be in keeping its flock together, as the distraught MLAs and leaders might desert the sinking ship in hordes sooner than later. The cattle might not return home ever, as the time for course correction too seems expired. 

JD(U) and BJP alliance has formed the government in Bihar with Nitish Kumar as the CM and Sushil Kumar Modi as Deputy CM. Bihar will have a state government in full control and in unison with the deliverables expected by people of the state. CM Nitish will find it easy to sink into his comfort of governing the state with no external interference, as his remarriage to BJP eliminate his woes of sailing with the incompetent and corrupt. 

Time has indeed come a full circle for Bihar and Nitish Kumar after 4 years. Bihar now is a NDA-ruled state again, with Nitish Kumar as the Chief Minister. The ‘Ghar Wapsi’ is complete.