Incredible road-trip hacks
Incredible road-trip hacks

For many, an ideal getaway will be to surround themselves with luxury and serenity, but for me, it all about the open road and my bike. Honestly, I feel nothing can ever come close to the feeling of hitting the tarmac on two wheels. The wind kisses your face, the sky becomes your guide and you become one with the road. 

If you know the feeling, then I'm sure you also know that while it's an adrenaline pumping affair, one needs to be as frugal as possible to make the most of their road trip. So if your love for asphalt is calling you, don't forget to try out these 6 ingenious hacks that will turn your road trip into an epic one.

Drop a pin on maps

In a country where you might not find internet everywhere, it's helpful if you drop a pin at your destination, this way, even if you don't have an active internet connection, you can still see where your destination is.

Use your jacket as a pillow

When you travel on a two-wheeler, it's difficult to pack everything. Jackets often become the best on-the-go pillows for when you need small breaks. So the next time you stop at a chai-ka-tapri, you can just roll your jacket and lie down peacefully.

Wear latex gloves under your riding gloves

Yes, you might argue as to why do you need to wear two pairs of gloves, but hear me out. The most important thing while riding a bike or even a two-wheeler is that you need your hands to work at all times. A pair of latex gloves will keep your hands insulated and warm and prevent your hands from freezing in case of unexpected rain, while you are riding. 

Duct tape your visor

If you plan to drive up the hills or even near the coast, chances are that the sun will be right there in your face, and while you may get the tan that you need, your vision will definitely suffer. That's where a layer a duct tape on the top part of helmet visor will do you loads of good. Try it. 

Stuff your riding boots with newspapers to keep 'em dry

More often than not, if you are road-trippin' on your bike or two-wheeler, there could be a possibility that you may encounter the Lord of Thunder and he might decide that you need to clean up a bit. 

That's rain for you and while your jeans, jackets and gloves might dry up overnight, the chances of the same happening with your boots are considerably low. So, if you do encounter rain and you wanna dry up them boots, fill them up with newspapers and leave them overnight, and they'll be fresh and fine the next day.

Carry camelbak water bags

Yes, you can carry water bottles too, but carrying a Camelbak water bag makes it slightly less cumbersome and easier. Not only will it keep you hydrated, but in the rare chance that your coolant goes for a toss, you can simply refill it with water and carry on.