Interpretations of various art forms
Interpretations of various art forms

Artists Stalin Joseph and Chandra Morkonda are showcasing their artworks ‘Passions of Narrative’ at Gallery Space. Artists Stalin Joseph hails from Vijayawada. He did his BFA from SV College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad and went on to do MFA from HCU. 

Stalin Joseph's work is dependent on design fundamentals, form, colour, and composition. He believes that the simplest forms evoke complex emotions. He spontaneously begins an art piece and it becomes more detailed as the end product starts to show itself. The process involves layering.

“There are no preliminary sketches of what is going to develop. I nurture different forms and shapes in the middle of the process. My colour theory seems to be the most immediate aspect of my work to the viewers very instinctive,” said artist Stalin Joseph.
He participated in several art camps and group shows with well-known contemporary artists like MF Hussain, T Vaikuntam, K Laxma Goud, Jatin Das, Suhas Roy, Adimoolam, Akbar Padam among others.

He has also received several awards like Lalit Kala Academy, AIFACS. Various corporate offices like Satyam, Wipro and Tata consultancy and Taj Group of Hotels and Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi, Hyderabad Central University, Telugu University and Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department have collected some of his paintings.

Explaining his concept of work, artist Chandra Morkonda said, “I am fascinated by trees and the deities associated with them and the intertwining symbolism between the two. My works are interpretations of my own experience, existed through time and places. 

As I belong from rural town Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, embedded with many religious diverse cultures. My experience with different cultures of people has faith and totem in a religious context, with popular objects trees and goddess which became my subject for work of art. In India, plants occupy an important place in Hindu mythology,”
He added, “As every nation has its own set of sacred plants like ‘Neem, Banyan, Mango, Pipal etc.’

 These plants play a major role in sense of sacredness in Hindu religious context with different gods and goddesses. Each of my work reciprocates with symbolism from Hindu mythology to interpret the beliefs, and totem of such sects or the sense of sacredness.

 My choice of objects are popular icons from Hindu mythology like Maha Vishnu, Maha Lakshmi, Sri-chakram, Shiva tantric, and deity Durga. These images reciprocate the dual role of beliefs with nature and god-like tree gods to represent the auspicious power of the bounties of nature in an idealised form.”

“My paintings express these sentiments and project a landscape that is filled with symbolism and metaphors. I have displayed 15 paintings in the exhibition, all the artworks are on acrylic on canvas”

What: Passions of Narrative
When: Until March 30 from 11am to 7pm 
Where: Park Hyatt