‘O Womania’ by Jing Keing Jri Theatre
‘O Womania’ by Jing Keing Jri Theatre

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men staging a play ‘O Womania’ in association with Jing Keing Jri Theatre Group of Pune on various locations in the city from April 13 to 15. The play is directed by Ojas SV, a renowned theatre actor, and activist. Her soliloquy Ley Mashaley based on the life and struggle of Irom Sharmila has been staged more than 160 locations across 18 states in India. 


  •     April 13 at Lamakaan from 8pm.
  •     April 14 at Amphitheatre, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills from 4pm.
  •     April 15 at Phoenix Arena from 7pm. 
‘O Womania’ is a clown act which talks about a common problem faced by Indian women across all the classes, castes, age groups. This is the story where one out of four female clowns needs to pee while working out of homemaking everyone to start finding a toilet for her. 

During their mission toilet hunt, they end up wandering around the city, end up in embarrassing situations and realize that actually, every woman in the city is looking for clean safe public toilets but such a natural phenomenon is encircled by taboos, shame, social constraints and filthy male perspective towards them.

The story unfolds through songs, choreography and small humorous scenes. The play is a collage of scenes faced by women on regular basis and in uncommon situations where urination becomes life and death battle. 

The irony of commonality of the need and difficulty in fulfilling it makes them laugh at themselves and make them cogitate – to pee or not to pee?