Ayurvedic solution for painful joints

Ayurvedic solution for painful joints

Painful joints, morning stiffness, nagging pain while taking the staircase, pricking pain while walking...

Painful joints, morning stiffness, nagging pain while taking the staircase, pricking pain while walking especially after prolonged sitting, warmness, cracking sounds in the joints could be the warning signs of arthritis ayurArthritis is the term used to describe more than 100 different conditions that affect the joints. It is one of the most prevalent conditions affecting 15% of the population. Survey says one in 12 people suffers from Osteoporosis. Women are more targeted by this condition than men due to hormonal imbalances, menopause, deficiencies of D and Calcium. Reasons vary from Stress, obesity, irregular diet, life style, hormonal imbalances, improper use of joints play major role. What is arthritis? "Arth" means joint, "itis" means inflammation. The word therefore means inflammation of joint. The joint is where two bones meet. The ends of the bones are covered by a tough elastic tissue called cartilage, which keeps bones from rubbing against each other. The joint is enclosed by a synovial membrane which releases synovial fluid into the joint space. To name few conditions of arthritis described in Ayurvedic epics "Amavata, Sandhivata, Raktavata...
Ayurveda holds the view that in-built toxins of the body due to irregular diet and lifestyle, improper digestion, absorption of food end up with the formation of "AMA" If nothing is done to dissolve Ama, it sits in the joints for longer time, and eventually converts into amavisha a more reactive and irrigative in nature. Amavisha causes the joints swollen and painful. In this circumstance it mixes with the natural lubricating fluids of the joint - "Sleshaka Kapha" This causes more stiffness, restricted mobility and disturbs circulation in the joint. If Ama, Amavisha, Sleshma stay for long unattended, eventually the structure of bone and joint get damaged. Ayurveda says we can prevent arthritis if we follow a disciplined lifestyle, planned approach towards diet and way of living. Further Ayurveda emphasis on regular Abhyangana and regular Vyayama or exercise that provides - 1. Karmasatmya (ability to do the work properly and uninterruptedly) 2. Deeptagni (regulation of the digestion process and metabolism at systemic and cellular level) 3. Meda kshaya (depletes fat stores and destroys excess fat ) 4. Vibhaktagatra, ghana gatra (good frame work and built of the body) 5. Rejuvenates Musculo skeletal system and lubrication of joints improving muscle and bone strength. Vedic Solution is three fold � Diet & Routine - Internal Medication - Physical therapies include Panchakarma treatments The Ayurvedic Physician identifies the body constitution after thorough Nadi evaluation and advises customised diet plans and medication. Most important is the physical therapies which are also customised. The ingredients and the material used in the varied treatments are important. The treatments � Kizhi, pizhichil, dharma, Lepanam are recommended which may vary from person to person. (AVP KAPIL Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, Ph: 9912347026 , 9912347826)
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