Nutrition corner : Sureshot foods to fight impotence

Nutrition corner : Sureshot foods to fight impotence

Fruits, dry fruits and spice in the right quantity can resolve the issue Sudden changes in lifestyle have...

dr janaki bFruits, dry fruits and spice in the right quantity can resolve the issue

Sudden changes in lifestyle have created a private menace to many men. Inability to achieve and maintain an erection for consistent period of time is how one defines impotence i.e. ED Erectile Dysfunction. Recent studies state that one in 10 men suffer from this issue. But the good news is proper lifestyle changes can bring things back up!

Focus on brain and heart A good erection is closely linked with circulatory system and levels of dopamine in your brain. Circulatory system and brain chemicals allow good inflow of blood into male organ and slow down on out flow maintaining erection, while brain chemicals stimulate for arousal.

Bananas: Apart from the visual treat, bananas are rich in potassium. Potassium helps in proper functioning of nerves, milk, orange juice and tomatoes are also good sources of potassium. Bananas are also rich in B vitamins which helps to maintain testosterone (male hormone). It also contains an enzyme called bromeliad, which actual has been linked to reversal of impotence. Banana is also stamina booster too.

Almonds and Honey: A sure shot combo! Almonds are full of nutrients that help circulatory system and stimulates brain too. Not only that, they also contain essential fatty acids and vitamin E that keeps the blood vessels clean (not allowing the blocks to form) and helps the production of healthy levels of hormones and dopamine (brain chemical) that helps in sexual energy and drive. Honey is rich in B vitamins that helps as energy booster and boron element in honey increases the blood flow.

Chilies and Peppers: The capsaicin compound in the chilies and peppers does the instant magic of rushing the blood flow and stimulating nerve endings. But be careful not to overdo it, as it may irritate your stomach.

Zinc rich foods: Zinc is essential for production of hormone testosterone and for repair of the cells and creating new cells. Shell fish, seeds like sunflower seeds, gingerly seeds and pumpkin seeds are rich sources of zinc.

Arginine rich foods:Arginine is an amino acid that works as a vasodilator thus relaxing the blood vessels allowing full flow to genitals. Raisins are rich source of this amino acid compound. Arginine helps decrease erectile dysfunction and some of sexual disorders. Caroline in water melon produces the arginine compound. Mediterranean Diet stresses on usage of healthy oils, plenty of fruits , vegetables, fish and red wine in moderation for healthy heart and blood vessels , thus improving the impotence.

American Heart Association Diet also restricts fat and allows good amount of fruits and vegetables. It also restricts trans fats and saturated fats.A National Heart Blood and Lung Institute Heart Healthy Diet also vouches the same. All these diets aim for a healthy heart, maintain healthy body weight and improved immunity, all of which lead to improve over all functions of the body, thus impotence too.

(The doctor is consultant Nutritionist with 'Diaita' Eat Right ClinicA Hyderabad; Ph: 9848195081)

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