Today is No-Tobacco Day : Is your health going up in smoke?

Today is No-Tobacco Day : Is your health going up in smoke?

As many as 50 per cent of cancer cases are related to tobacco. Quitting is the only solution Naga Sundari ...

As many as 50 per cent of cancer cases are related to tobacco. Quitting is the only solution

Naga Sundari

Are you addicted to tobacco? Then your life is anything but 'King size'! Do you know the awful fact that tobacco kills almost six million people every year. Among them more than six lakhs are non-smokers who lose their lives because of passive smoking (breathing second-hand smoke). Another shocking fact is that as many as 50 per cent of cancer cases are related to tobacco!

As the world observes May 31 as 'No-Tobacco Day' every year, it is appropriate time to all of us to demand a stringent and comprehensive anti-tobacco policy to be adopted by the state and union governments for preventing the consumption of tobacco among people especially in young and productive age groups. A To ensure the reduction of tobacco consumption, this year slogan is "A comprehensive ban of all tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship''.

"Youth are target groups of number of giant tobacco companies for their tobacco consumption. Do you know currently because of usage of tobacco related products (cigarettes, gutkas, beedis etc), one in 10 adults worldwide lose their productive lives at a very younger age. Finally they succumb to variety of cancers and lung - related diseases" opined Dr Vijaykumar, pulmonologist, Yashoda hospitals, Hyderabad.

"In fact 80 per cent of tobacco deaths are preventive deaths . The risk of infection in the respiratory system rises in children whose parents are smokers. They suffer from lungs dysfunction," he opined. A Tobacco use would be linked to many serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease, erectile dysfunction , hypertension, blood related diseases and other non communicable diseases. Heavy drinkers who smoke are afflicted with other health issues related to memory, ability to think quickly and efficient problem-solving skills," said Dr Srinivas, psychiatrist, Institute of mental Health, Hyderabad.A Modern treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can also deal with all these cancers .

"Though we have sophisticated state-of-the-art technology to treat all tobacco related disease efficiently, prevention is the better option. Almost 90 per cent of tobacco related disease patients approach doctors-hospitals only at the advanced stage of cancers only! Most of tobacco related illnesses do not become evident until together. It could take decades also in some cases. Hence, there is a great need to bring awareness about the devastating effects of tobacco consumption," said Dr Chivukula Srinivas, oncologist.

According to World Health Organization, annual deaths worldwide due to tobacco related diseases has reached 60 lakh. "In our country the number reached 10 lakh. Because of passive smoking nearly six lakh lose their life. A And 40 percent of world children have at-least one smoking parent. Meanwhile, it is observed that respiratory infections are more common in children of smoking parents. Simultaneously bronchogenic carcinoma is more common in wives of smoking husbands . And we confidently can say that 1-3 of all cancers are due to tobacco use," opined Dr Araveeti Ramayogaiah, former director of health, AP.

"Second-hand smoke is increasing at an alarming rate. The most disturbing thing fact is nearly 10 percent of the youth die because of passive smoking. A According to one study, girls at home are more prone to passive smoking. In India annually 11 per cent of new cancer cases are recognised. Of the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco, 250 are more dangerous and 50 are cancer producing elements" opined Dr Srinivas, Oncologist, Yashoda Hospitals . "The incidence of oral cancer of the palate is almost 50 per cent in passive smokers in North Andhra districts. Smoking affects fertility also. Hence implementation of Tobacco Act rules should be implemented very , he added.

Government should implement the Tobacco Act very stringently. A Those caught smoking publicly should be heavily fined like in the West," opined Dr Vijaykumar, pulmonologist.

What should be done

  • Run hard-hitting campaigns that can compel tobacco users to quit
  • Make public aware of health risks of tobacco use
  • Run evidence-driven public health campaigns
  • Promote smoke free ads and zone
  • Stop advertisements of tobacco products completely

Tobacco-related diseases

  • Myeloid leukemia
  • Heart attacks, strokes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer of larynx, cancer of lips, oesphagus, lungs, pancreas, stomach and kidney cancers
  • Early onset of cataracts
  • If pregnant women use tobacco, they may deliver low birth weight children, still births and have abortions.
  • Gastric ulcer. S Asthma exaggerates in asthmatics

Doctors advise

  • Whenever you wish to have a cigarette go for herbal tea or chocolates etc.
  • According to studies acupuncture helps a lot to overcome smoking. Hence consult acupuncturist who helps you a lot in quitting it.
  • Whenever you have the urge to smoke, go for a walk, talk with a friend or play your favourite game or have your favorite snack etc
  • Have patience with yourself and with the process
  • To avoid negative thinking, concentrate on the day's work upfront
  • If the addiction becomes severe better undergo treatment in the de-addiction centre.
  • To overcome behavioral abnormalities, think scientifically and take psychiatrist help.
  • Avoid thoughts of smoking which naturally disturbs you frequently with strict will-power
  • Drink water, eat well and get enough rest to get energy for handling the extra stress
  • Instead of smoking or chewing tobacco, go for sports drinking, different fruit juices etc.
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