Symptoms of endometriosis similar to uterus cancer

Symptoms of endometriosis similar to uterus cancer

Breast cancer affected women, girls with onset of menstruation before nine years of age, women who are obese...

Breast cancer affected women, girls with onset of menstruation before nine years of age, women who are obese or have late menopause are more prone to endometrium cancer

Endometrium is like a lining in uterus and becomes thick to become conducive for conception every month and if pregnancy does not occur, menstruation takes place every month. Its average size is 6.7 mm. If the endometrium, which becomes thick and later thin, becomes too thin due to imbalance of hormones before menstruation, it leads to barrenness in women. Endometrium becomes thin during menopause stage. If estrogen hormones growth is too-much at the age of conception and if usage of birth control pills that contain progesterone hormones is more, endometrium becomes thin.

The foetus gets nutrients, oxygen through endometrium which becomes thick at the time of conception. Therefore a medical test is vital to confirm the thickness of endometrium in women who are in constant mental agony for those who are unbale to conceive and who intend to get pregnancy through artificial conception methods.

The endometrium that measures 6mm-14mm is highly conducive for conception. Besides, problems like improper sized endometrium - too thick or too thin, fibroids, cyst also mean a health problem. Women who are unable to give birth to at least one child, those affected by breast cancer, girls who experience onset of menstruation even before nine years of age, and women with late menopause, overweight women etc are more prone to endometrium cancer.

The endometrium that acts as a lining in uterus starts growing outside uterus and around other parts also is called endometriosis. Owing to extra growth of endometrium, pain in lower part of abdomen, pain during intercourse, uncontrolled urination, more discharge of menstrual blood, indigestion, and fatigue like many symptoms may be noticed. Since formation of blood around endometrium that grows around uterus is seen in brown colour. They are aptly known as chocolate cysts. Not only the symptoms of endometriosis and endometrial cancer appear similar, the risk of ovarian cancer is also more in women with endometriosis. Hence women suffering from endometriosis should be aware of these things. The symptoms of endometriosis, uterine cyst, fibroids, and uterus cancer are almost similar. In addition, the reasons or risk factors for emergence of problems concerning uterus are also similar and hence when symptoms are noticed, it should be confirmed through proper tests to know the actual problem.

Uterus cancer is more prevalent in women, after cervix cancer and ovarian cancer. The disease can be confirmed after conducting endometrial biopsy, hysteroscopy, ultrasound like tests, apart from pop smear. If the cancer is confirmed, uterus, the lymph veins around that, ovaries will be removed. If noticed in initial stage, keyhole surgeries also can be performed.

Women who have used tamoxifen medicine for breast cancer, who have taken radiation therapy for pelvis due to other reasons and women who have under gone more hormone therapy and women continue to menstruate even after 55 years of age and habitual smokers should undergo proper tests and they better not to be careless when any symptoms are noticed.

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