Bedtime aspirin might reduce heart attack

Bedtime aspirin might reduce heart attack

Bedtime Aspirin Might Reduce Heart Attack. In The Randomized Open-Label Study 22 Units Reduced Bedtime Aspirin Platelet Activity.

Washington: A new study has suggested that Taking aspirin at bedtime instead of taking it in the morning might reduce acute heart attack.

Bedtime Aspirin Might Reduce Hert AttackLow-dose daily aspirin is recommended for people at high risk of heart disease and for reducing the risk of recurrent heart events. Aspirin thins the blood and makes it less likely to clot. The tendency for platelet activity to be higher peaks in the morning.
In the randomized open-label study, 290 patients took either 100 mg of aspirin upon waking or at bedtime during two 3-month periods. At the end of each period, blood pressure and platelet activity was measured.
Blood pressure was not reduced; however, 22 units reduced bedtime aspirin platelet activity.
Tobias Bonten, M.D., Ph.D student at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands said that higher platelet activity contributes to a higher risk of acute heart events, this simple intervention - switching aspirin intake from morning to bedtime - could be beneficial for the millions of patients with heart disease who take aspirin on a daily basis aid.
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