Michael Carter-Smith invents Good Night ring

Michael Carter-Smith invents Good Night ring

Michael Carter-Smith Invents Good Night Ring. New Good Night Ring Promises To Make Snoring History!

London: A ring has been invented by Michael Carter-Smith - a saxophonist in the 1960s with rock band Amen Corner - and who claims that ring targets pressure points on one's finger, and cuts snoring in 85 %of people.

Michael Carter-Smith Invents Good Night Ring The Good Night ring costs 30 pounds.It relies on the ancient Chinese acupressure practice that targets pressure points on the body for medicinal gain, the Daily Express reported.
Two bumps on the inside of the ring press on pressure points at the base of one's little finger, which then open up nasal passageways and makes it easier for those wearing the ring to breathe through their nose.
An independent study that was conducted by research firm Aspen Clinical tested 20 people suffering from snoring and how the ring benefited them.
It was found that 17 men, who wore the ring on their little finger, found that they snoring had reduced, and were less loud.
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