New online course to help youngsters avoid obesity

New online course to help youngsters avoid obesity

New Online Course To Help Youngsters Avoid Obesity

Washington: Researchers have designed a new theory-based, web-delivered course in an attempt to prevent young adults, aged 18 to 25, from gaining excess weight, which makes them prone to obesity later in life.
According to lead authorKendra K. Kattelmann from South Dakota State University, the course, Project YEAH (Young Adults Eating and Active for Health), represents an intervention that pilot-test college student participants found relevant and useful, gained participants' attention, instilled confidence in participants' ability to apply the information gained, and provided a sense of satisfaction.
Using the PRECEDE-PROCEED method, based on the Community-Based Participatory Research model, Kattelmann and her colleagues recruited college students from all associated universities to create a program specifically addressing issues regarding those in the transition between adolescence and adulthood.
Through several phases of development, students' motivations, barriers, and desires beyond health and weight were determined, as well as the environment surrounding the students.
After determining the importance and changeability of all these factors, the information was synthesized to create Project YEAH.
The resulting Project YEAH course was specifically developed to include a website for participant interaction.
The website allowed for more individualized attention to the participants, including goals and tips.
Using a program like this, along with a Community-Based Participatory Research model, allows Project YEAH to be more flexible in terms of adoption across multiple locations, such as college campuses, and therefore more successful in theory.
The researchers believe Project YEAH to be the first course of its kind. However, because it implements the PRECEDE-PROCEDE method, they trust it can be successfully applied widely to provide young adults with successful strategies to achieve and maintain good health.

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