Caesarean surgery – Post Recovery Must Dos

Caesarean surgery – Post Recovery Must Dos

Caesarean surgery – Post Recovery Must do’s, Caesarean surgery becomes necessary in women where delivering a baby naturally gets difficult;

pregnancy, normal delivery, caesareanCaesarean surgery becomes necessary in women where delivering a baby naturally gets difficult; while most times doctors opt for C – section as a final resort looking at the patient’s history or last minute trouble on the labour table, women sometimes also choose the surgery as an ‘elective’ if they are not able to withstand the trauma of the contractions. The Caesarean is performed these days very effectively, with minimal recovery timelines and lesser bruising because of an invasive procedure.

Even though women think that they can cope with the surgery thanks to the pain killers and medications, there are certain guidelines to be followed while still recuperating.

Here are a few must Do’s after a C – Section
Rest – Most women feel that they don’t need to rest much after three days of the operation, thanks to the brilliant effects of the painkillers. But it is very crucial to get enough rest while bust nursing the baby and bonding. The new mothers should sleep as much as the baby does so that the recovery is faster. Stay mobile and active, but rest in equal measure.
Delegate work – It is great to feel and be independent as a new mom – but one need not start taking the brunt right away. Delegate as much work as possible with those who are attending while recovering. Simple things like bathing the baby, cleaning the bottles and changing the diapers can be delegated while mothers get some real rest.
Lifting weights – is a complete no! There should be enough time given to the stomach muscles to heal from the surgical method and carrying weights is a dangerous thing to do. Also, mothers need to follow less straining methods like rolling on one side before getting up, drawing knees towards the chest, and then using hands to push themselves to stand.
Be cheerful – The motherhood dawns on with huge responsibilities towards oneself and the child. Relax!! You are not going to a war. Despite all the sudden anxieties that dawn upon childbirth, it is important to relax and take it easy. Being cheerful and happy helps boosting the mental state while dealing with motherhood.
Easy fitness regime – The healing period does not allow for complete fitness, but one has to follow the basic exercises required to strengthen the abdomen while healing from an invasive operation like C – Section. The light pelvic floor exercise can be applied during this time along with light walks.
Soothe the scar – Do not forget to apply Cocoa Butter to the area of surgery while busy with other activities in a day. The cream sooths the scar and provides intense relief.
Massage – This is the time to indulge. Get a back and foot massage done to feel magical.
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