10 junk foods that are healthy

10 junk foods that are healthy

10 Junk Foods That Are Healthy. Even though it is a known fact that the fast food consumption causes harm to our health people tend to turn a deaf...

Even though it is a known fact that the fast food consumption causes harm to our health people tend to turn a deaf ear to this and continue to gobble them up like there is no tomorrow. As a solution for this, many have come up with a healthier version of fast food as replacements such as using whole wheat flour in place of refined flour and adding more vegetables to it. Some of such healthy as well as delicious dishes are

Veg. burger: Using whole wheat flour instead of refined flour to ensure that fiber intake takes place. Making patty with the help of vegetables like carrots, potatoes, beans, cabbage etc to increase the protein and vitamin content in it. And the patty should be baked instead of fried to avoid unsaturated and trans-fatty acids. Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers can be added as well. And there it is, a healthy and tasty burger

Non-veg. burger: This is for those meat lovers who just cannot stay away from meat. The process is the same as the veg. burger with an addition of chicken in it.

Veg. pizza: Pizza is everyone’s favourite fast food, so to make it healthier the base should be made of whole wheat flour. The toppings can be of healthy items like capsicums, carrots, corn, tomatoes, onions etc.

Baked samosas: Samosas already contains vegetables which are good for our health so the only changes to be made is baking it rather than frying and the use of whole wheat flour.

Cutlet : Cutlet is a snack which is made of many vegetables like potatoes, carrots, corn, onions, beetroot etc. So instead of frying it, baking is the healthier choice. Non-veg. lovers can add chicken to it.

Baked potato chips: An all time favourite fast food potato chips contains a lot of unsaturated fat. The chips can be baked in order be fat free.

Grilled/roasted chicken: Fried chicken is something that people just cannot resist, so it can be replaced with grilled/roasted chicken after trimming all the fat from it.

Bread sandwiches: Sandwiches are easy to make so sandwiches of whole wheat flour with vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, capsicum, beetroot. The amount of butter used should be reduced.

Pav bhaji: The bread, commonly known as pav should be made of whole wheat flour. Rest all can be done normally.

Fruit smoothies: Fruit smoothies are the healthiest form of sweetened beverages compared to sodas or colas. It contains the natural sweetness of the fruits along with their nutritional values.

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