Cancer mistaken as ordinary health problem

Cancer mistaken as ordinary health problem

Everyone faces this problem some time in life. It is natural to get headache due to confusion, pressure of work, some kinds of smells, hunger etc.

Dr Ch Mohana VamsyIt can be said, that, busy life, accessibility to medical shops, advises of doctors over phone, over the counter medicines, antibiotics, pain killers, internet knowledge, may be a palliative to some extent. Besides, illiteracy, rural background, financial conditions and ignorance may also play pivotal role in aggravation of the problem.
Any challenge can be addressed with the help of modern medicine if found in initial stage. Patient’s psychological attitude is of paramount importance in finding out the suitable cancer treatment, especially the stage of the cancer plays vital role.

Everyone faces this problem some time in life. It is natural to get headache due to confusion, pressure of work, some kinds of smells, hunger etc.

These headache medicines if used indiscriminately may have adverse impact on liver, kidneys, BP etc., This problem can easily be solved if the actual reason is found out for migraine with the help of medicines for a certain period. Heaviness of head after getting up in the morning, severe pain, speedy vomiting and nausea-like symptoms may be an indication for brain tumors.

Sore throat; Cold items, climate, new surroundings, drinking water may be the reasons for sore throat as many people think. If it is not cured within 2 or 3 days with medicines, checkups are necessary. Thyroid cancer, throat-related cancer, lung cancer symptoms resemble in the initial stage.

Cough and labored breathing
Especially smokers are more prone to lung and other cancers. The symptoms may be pain in throat, constant cough, bloody sputum, difficulty in breathing, TB, Lung cancer.

Bloated stomach, pain
Stomach pain, belching, bloated stomach are the results of untimely meals, mouth watering unhealthy food material, lack of sleep, tension.

In spite of the healthy life style, the problems relating to digestive system persists, tests like endoscopy scanning should be undergone to find out cancers relating to digestive system, liver, pancreas, gal bladder cancers in initial stage.

Inconsistency in urinary system
Bloody urine, no continuity in urination, pain etc., and symptoms may be due to inadequate consumption of drinking water, infections, kidney stones etc. It may be urinary bladder cancer if not amenable to treatments. The symptoms may be alike in people over 50 years of age which may be prostate gland problem.

Anomalies in excretion
Problems like piles, fissures and fistula may appear if there is indigestion, dysentery and bloody night soil. This may be an indication for colon cancer in men of south India. Actual problem will be known with tests like sigmoido scopy, colonoscopy. When the cancer is confirmed, tests should be immediately undertaken without negligence, lest should it spread to other parts of the body. Fatigue, anemia, discoloration of skin may be an indication of blood cancer.

(The doctor holds MS (Gen), DNB (Surg), Mch (Surg Onco), FRCS (Edin), and Diploma in lap surg (France). He is a Chief Surgical Oncologist. He can be reached at or on 9848011421)

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