Keyhole surgeries are boon to cancer patients

Keyhole surgeries are boon to cancer patients

We do not evince much concern when we are unwell and instead of going to a doctor we try all other methods including home remedies.

We do not evince much concern when we are unwell and instead of going to a doctor we try all other methods including home remedies. We approach a doctor only when we fail in all our attempts or when the situation takes a turn for the worse. This negligence may even take a turn where surgery becomes inevitable.

Early diagnosis is always good for us since negligence may lead to Cancer. If such a situation arises then the only option a patient has is to get the tumor and tissues around that area removed surgically when noticed in initial stage. In such a situation, Key hole or laparoscopic surgeries are great boon. Experienced doctors are able to perform key hole surgeries successfully in many instances for last one decade and more. Earlier if it was a surgery, people had to remain in hospital for more than a week and take rest for months together.

Besides, elders also used to threaten patients regarding diet restrictions and works involved like lifting of weights etc. people also used to worry a lot when hernia like symptoms were noticed. To-day minimally invasive laparoscopic or key hole surgeries which can be performed with small cut are accessible to everybody. Surgery can be performed in 05-1 centimeter size with 3 or 4 cuts even when cutting is necessary up to 20 centimeters. These cuts which are made in millimeter size heal quickly and patient can go home on the same day. Pain ,heavy bleeding, scars relating to cuts, hernia like pangs are very minimum in this process and successfully done since the actual spot is magnified many times with magnifying glass.

As surgery is the only choice for cancer, if neglected due to certain superstitions it tantamounts to sheer ignorance. Key hole or laparoscopic surgeries are a great wonder in medical field which are performed with a small cut perfectly and exactly and are accessible to all and patient can go home on the same day with minimum side effects.

If noticed in initial stage, the first thing is to perform surgery only for all cancers except cancers relating to blood. Besides, radiation, chemo therapy is necessary for some time depending upon patient's age, type of cancer and stage. The healing time of surgeries for cancer affected parts may take longer time than that of normal surgeries. Apart from radical hysterectomy, keyhole surgeries are performed to many cancers concerning stomach, small intestine, large intestine, kidneys, and uterus. There are different surgeries namely.

1. Preventive surgery: When small polyps are seen in colon they will be removed even if they are benign. Uterus will be removed through hysterectomy when there are anomalies in pop smear test.

2. Curative surgery: This is performed when noticed in initial stage either in the beginning or after radiation, chemo, radiation. Radiation is given while performing these surgeries which may cure completely.

3. Palliative surgery: These are performed to reduce the size of the tumor to give slight relief to the patient when cancer noticed in advanced stage .supportive surgeries are also performed to facilitate other treatments some times.

4. Reconstructive or restorative surgery: These are performed while performing surgeries or after completion of treatment to avoid disfigurement of the parts.

By: Sakshi Maheshwari

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