Giving for a healthy living

Giving for a healthy living

Every time we hear someone say, “Give with open heart and mind”, we agree with them. Why do we agree? Giving is an act taught in all religions and across all ages.

Every time we hear someone say, “Give with open heart and mind”, we agree with them. Why do we agree? Giving is an act taught in all religions and across all ages. A lot of people know the act of “Giving” as sharing money or donations only. Giving has a wider definition than just giving money.

Giving actually means the intention of repaying the nature’s loan. Nature has given us treasures to value in the form of sunlight, air, water, trees and plants, land to walk, gravity to experience this planet, etc. For all that nature has given to us; we are using it as our right these days. Human beings have taken all these precious boons for granted. We as human beings if get some guests at home, we show minimum courtesy by offering water and beverages to them. But to Nature, who has been so kind and given us the basic infrastructure to live, we actually do not offer anything with a full heart.

“Giving” is an intention to help and support people around each one of us. We can help and support everyone around us by giving whatever we have with us. It may be a pleasant smile, it may be kind words to those we find are need, it may be readiness to help, it may be our time to explain things patiently to those who come to us, it may be helping to resolve things for others, it may be listening loved ones and giving a patient smile, it may be paying to a stall or restaurant for the food of person who can’t afford, it may be packing up a cake and giving it to an unknown kid while you are getting a cake packed for yourself, it may be saying a hearty thank you to all the domestic help and be kinder to them, it may be giving thanks to the person parking your car at the valet parking, it may be giving your seat in a bus as a gratitude once in a while to sit for someone, it may be those little acts of care to this universe and showing to the universe that we care. The list is endless and we may do as per what we feel appropriate. The point to be made is that we need so much care for our living from this nature and people around but we are actually not ready to give it out.

A person who is open to give his care to this world by his healing words and healing deeds will definitely be cared by the universe in terms of health, wellness, healing and support system whenever he needs it. For those who get angry on small things on others need to understand that by showing anger we are only disrespecting all the help we are getting without asking for from this universe. Speak what helps to heal others! Be open arms to giving and universe shall give you with open arms.

Let’s give all what we have rather than postponing the act of giving by saying that we do not have enough. We have enough to give, when we give those small bits to this universe. Healing and supporting this world will only heal us in all ways.

Start Giving for a Complete and Healthy Living! Happy Health to all of you!!

By: Shachi Maheshwari

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