Be open and receptive to healing

Be open and receptive to healing

Ample number of examples is seen around us where people fall sick and take medications to heal. Some people do not need any medication to heal;

Ample number of examples is seen around us where people fall sick and take medications to heal. Some people do not need any medication to heal; some people get healed even without completing the medication course given by the doctor while some take a longer time to heal even after the medication course is complete. Some people have to change doctors to ensure that medication is correctly given by the doctors. In some instances we also find that the healing happened much later than the medicines or sickness did not get healed by medicines but after some days the person is healed even without any care and medication. Have you wondered why so much difference is seen for healing from person to person? These instances are found so common in our day to day lives that it never attracted our attention.

For any healing to happen, a mode of receptivity is vital to the core. If a person is not receptive and open to healing, the required healing cannot happen within the bodies. Now you would want to know what is so important about being receptive. And how can we become more receptive if we come to know we are less receptive.

Being receptive actually means being open to all the help from the universe. Being receptive means appreciating all the help from the universe in terms of getting good doctors, getting correct medications, having positive people around, being open to suggestions. Having said that, I don’t ask that we should not be aware of the procedures and wrong treatments by few doctors or wrong advices by people due to whom we find spoiled medical cases. What I equally want you to emphasize on the fact is that all these spoiled cases should not stop us from being appreciative about all the good help that we have got always and we keep getting always too.

It means criticizing and discussing less about bad and appreciating all those which form part of all the help from the universe which is already flowing to us. We find people saying over and over again, “Doctors now a day’s don’t treat well.” “There are no good doctors.” They keep criticizing and hence they attract only those kinds of doctors which are really not good. They criticize universe’s efforts of giving good doctors all the times in past, which they got till that day in life. Again this is just an example and like doctors we actually criticize so many other things and keep criticizing so much that our minds become closed and always doubtful. We do not remain open and we stop trusting the universe to provide us always with best to heal our words, our bodies, our energies, etc. In the above example we can make a good practice as an effort to improve our receptivity by saying this, “I always get good doctors and people, who always give me best medical and healing advices. Universe takes care of me always on my healing. Thank you so much for all the help till now, Universe.”

The one shift with this will be the state of mind which will become fearless and you will start believing that universe will take care of everything you need on your healing needs. The other shift is that by being grateful, we will start attracting all kinds of good healing ways whether its doctors, medicines, advices, healing words of good people. We need to stay connected to the thought to heal and know that we will receive all what we intend to get from this universe by respecting it.

Appreciate all the help and support given by the Universe more than just discussing bad incidents and thereby help making our minds to be open and receptive to all the good waiting for us always.

An affirmation that can help you- “I accept the guidance and assistance of the same force that created me and trust the wisdom to move my healing demands peacefully form time to time.”

Happy Health to all of you!!

By: Shachi Maheshwari

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