Speech replicates best healing

Speech replicates best healing

Speech replicates best healing.We learn to speak at the age of two or more. Since then we speak and we actually learn so much to speak well. We work on our fluencies, modulations, tone, expression, pronunciations and what not to really learn to communicate well.

We learn to speak at the age of two or more. Since then we speak and we actually learn so much to speak well. We work on our fluencies, modulations, tone, expression, pronunciations and what not to really learn to communicate well. Communication makes a person better in the expression and thought process. We learn since our childhood on how to express our thoughts properly.

We learn to express opinions on everything without hurting anyone. We learn to voice our imaginations and express our feelings in our relationships. We learn to give interviews, handle meetings, address gatherings, resolve issues, continue meeting new people in life, etc. We make our communication as a tool to our expression in all the ways. We define all kinds of situations and the way we need to behave and speak at all places. We define the tones and compartments for each and every person and decide as to how we should speak to different people differently.

Speech makes us aware of our existence so much that we actually enjoy every bit of it in our lives.We are inclined to make ourselves to understand this world better through people around us who speak to us as well. A very interesting fact is that we have always been taught how to express through words but very less intention has been placed on the fact that what should be spoken and why. Anything we speak has two sides one is the positive and the other is the negative. Positive one is to enhance our living and the negative depletes our living and health.

For e.g. If there was an accident and if a person shares that incident with another person, then he has actually multiplied the negative in the universe. While if a person speaks about something which has enhanced a living, a good deed of someone or a good positive thought for growth; he has actually added positive to the universe. One more thing to add is that when two persons are talking, the other person will always have something to add to the topic so when positive is spoken then only positive will be added. Hence the multiplication of positive talks will add positives around in the universe and multiplication of negative talks will add negatives in the universe.

It’s a good idea to ignore and not pass and discuss accidents, incidents which have suffering of a person, diseases, what is happening bad around, complains, regrets, how is someone not being able to handle his life, etc., All these fall into the category of adding no value and instead deplete the energies of universe as well as deplete the energies of the person speaking about it and the person listening them. Talk and speak about health, talk about positive strengths, inspirations, wonderful life changing experiences, achievement of positive targets by people because that will always add positive energies to the energy field around our bodies.

We have energy layers around our bodies and these energy layers replicate how healthy we are. While we talk about health more than dis-eases, our body cells hear positives and create the positive and healthy energies around our bodies. People who are struck with grave diseases can actually heal themselves faster only by talking and speaking about healing and health rather than disease.For every act that our body performs, the driving force is the hundred trillion cells who work with harmony to complete the act.

Whether it is listening to something or reading this page, all the cells have to work in harmony to help us do that act. In the same way, all our cells are motivated to perform and heal ourselves better, when we talk more about positive and healthy things. It is easy to be healthy and heal ourselves every moment by speaking only what enhances our living experience on this earth. Let’s not waste our time by talking about diseases and deplete our healthy energies. Come let’s make ourselves full of health by believing in Health and Healing more than before.

(You may reach the author at shachimg@yahoo.com)

Happy Health to all of you!!


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