Lung Cancer that burns lungs

Lung Cancer that burns lungs

Lung Cancer that burns lungs.One can live for some days without food, two or three days without water, but one cannot live even for a few minutes without breathing.

Dr Ch Mohana VamsyOne can live for some days without food, two or three days without water, but one cannot live even for a few minutes without breathing. Oxygen is immensely essential for any living being, and hence where there is oxygen, there is life. Our lungs take in oxygen from the air and give out carbon-dioxide which is an eternal phenomenon uncessated. Lungs weigh 2.3 kgs and are divided into two lobs, on left side and three lobs on right side.

There are over 300 million tiny bubble like things in lungs which are like elastic bags. Of all the parts of our body, the only part that floats on water is lungs. That is why swimmers swim after taking in lung full of air. The unlimited growth of cells in these lungs which have so many specialities are most vital and results into cancer.

Lung cancer deaths are more across the world compared to other cancers. These cancer victims are more in developed countries than developing countries. This cancer can be prevented to some extent with sun rays and vitamin ‘D’. Despite the fact that this cancer is more conspicuous in men, the number of women victims is also increasing now-a-days as per the statistics for which the main reason is smoking, usage of tobacco amongst women, Passive Smokers(Bystander of a smoker) is also equally dangerous.

There are over four thousand chemicals and cancer causative factors present in cigarettes which decolour lungs even for one time smoking. The risk of this cancer cannot be ruled out in past smokers who have given up later. Chewing of tobacco products, Cigarette, Beedi or smoking Cigar etc., in reverse method in villages in any form leads to cancer risk over 20%. Amongst lung cancer victims, smokers are more in number.

Besides, this cancer has a characteristic feature of spreading to other parts and therefore these cancer victims can live only for 5 years. Apart from smoking, Radon gas, asbestos, polluted atmosphere may also lead to lung cancer. Symptoms are much more depending upon the severity of cancer.

What are the general


1. Laboured breathing

2. Severe cough and bloody expectoration

3. Decrease in hunger and weight, and more fatigue

4. Pain in chest and stomach

5. Difficulty in swallowing.

Types of lung cancer

1. S.C.L.C (Small cell lung cancer)

2. N.S.C.L.C(Non Small cell lung cancer)

3. The cancer that spreads from the cancer affected part.

The risk of this cancer is more in women and men over 45 years of age, if they are addicted to smoking. Arsenic present in drinking water may also be the contributing factor to some extent. Biopsy, C.T scan, PET C.T scan tests will be performed besides chest X-ray for people with symptoms.

Treatments commence after confirming the area, stage and grade of lung cancer, after conducting Spirometry, Bronchoscope, Blood tests etc., apart from testing the sputum. If cancer is noticed early, the cancer affected part in lung will be removed with lobectomy. Surgery will be performed for non small cell cancer, while radio therapy, Chemo, and its duration will be decided for small cell lung cancer which spreads in nature. Palliative care can be recommended to give relief to some extent for cancer patient till he lives, if the age of the victim is more and noticed belatedly. Prevention is solely in our hands, since the main reason for this cancer is smoking.

Our lungs will be safe to a maximum extent if environmental pollution and contamination in water can be minimized, apart from cessation of smoking and distancing from smokers. People who have become slaves to smoking must strongly make-up their minds to shun the habit, and strictly follow doctors advice, suggestions and cultivate the habit of chewing gums etc., for better life.The symptoms of TB are almost similar to that of lung cancer and hence are mistaken to one another, with the result there is a danger of wrong treatments. Mostly TB affects lungs only, although no part of the body is spared.

The risk of spreading lung TB to others is much more through cough. Immunity will be depleted due to therapies given to cancer victims and hence the risk of TB and other infections are more in past TB patients and people habitat near TB patients. It is therefore better to take treatment without even an iota of negligence and undergo proper treatments upto the duration prescribed by doctors whether it is TB or Cancer. If it is cancer, it is paramount to ensure follow-up action for certain years even after treatments.

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