Slow down and heal yourself

Slow down and heal yourself

Slow down and heal yourself. We are living in times when children are made aware how to handle big bags, long home works, high grades and love gadgets to save energies.

How much time do you have for yourself?

Are you a very busy person?

Are your schedules very tied up to include something on the spot?

Are you always struggling with time?

Are you doing what you love to do?

Many times in a day do you tell someone that you are very busy?

Do you have time to relax with your own company?

Is your health more important to you than earning money?

How is healing related to all the above?

We are living in times when children are made aware how to handle big bags, long home works, high grades and love gadgets to save energies. Today is the time when adolescent students are made aware how to compete and develop an edge to stand out in crowds, add extracurricular to keep adding feathers in their caps, keep pace with the world to find the latest knowledge on gadgets and world current topics, score high in interviews and exams to prove themselves at every step and keep running to achieve their best.

Today is the time when parents want their child to keep running not for himself but because others are running faster, to learn as much as they can without a break so that they can boast about their children and gain credit, work hard on giving them the best by earning as much as they can. Today is the time when adults are taught to run as it’s their earning time and oldies are running to keep pace with their children’s point of view.

Success is being considered as getting success in career and earning money and we hardly know what does it mean to live a successful life?

At every age group we find one thing which is common and that is running; whether it is for goals, or it is for earning or it is for maintaining parity with the world gimmicks to make us know much more to keep running. If you are tied up you have best doctors who help you with medicines so now it's a running time to find a good doctor and meet him.

If you are told to exercise then you are running in the morning to a gym or park to complete your routines. If you want to be recognised at office then you are running for meeting your sales targets or reports or meetings, conferences, etc. In addition to this we have social networks which are more of compulsions to run to the parties even if we don’t want to socialise at times. We have literally started running for everything and we have thought this is the only way to live lives and be healthy. We have believed that since the whole world is doing this, probably this is the best way to welcome every morning in our lives.

Amusing thing is, if on a particular day we are tired of running and don’t feel like doing anything, then we immediately start feeling that something is missing and feel abnormal and get inclined to pop up a pill or go for a doctor or for a test if the same continues for a couple of days. We are scared that since so many different diseases are around, we might have been stuck with one so we better run to diagnose and get the treatment done well in time before it’s too late. We have assumed that this running is normal and that is how life works. We don’t want to apply any mind to this because we think this is how the world is living and this is the only way.

I urge you to just make one change in your thought process, while you are in this world. Go a little slow to enjoy every moment, every day, every step you take for living. You are living not because you are alive but because you are given an opportunity to live and live your best. You are living to be happy, healthy, peaceful, cheerful and relaxed. Everything else is there because you are alive. But where is the living? We have all become human doing instead of human beings.

I urge you to take a stroll around and have some peaceful me time with yourself and do what you love to do so that you can relax your muscles, mind, heart and spirits and take a sip of life every day and not regret after it has gone by. The best way is to keep at least some of the time of your day free to schedule and do what you love to do so that you can give your best for the rest of the day and your mind and body is devoid of unnecessary stress which is not worth the money we are running for.

Some simple ways to substitute your busy schedules:

Add some pages of reading on your favourite topics every day

Take some time off by closing your gadgets everyday at least half an hour in the morning

Go for a small stroll alone and feel the breeze and nature

Close your eyes and let your thoughts pour you with memories

Do a spiritual course for a change

Charge your spirit by meeting a positive person without a purpose

Have a health drink or food for a change and appreciate its genuine properties of healing within yourself

Start telling yourself to slow down on drives and stop telling your drivers to go fast

Smile and talk to a person you would never do normally

Bless someone for healing and recovery

Give your turn of the queue to someone else behind you and accept a broad thank you

For once forgive someone who gave a bad service.

Life is not about how much we lived but it’s about how deep and healthy we lived. When you go slow and feel the living you also allow your body to take its time to heal so don’t be in haste. Since you are running so much your body might ask for some rest and relaxation so respect it and allow yourself to do that and give what your body wants because it’s the only treasure you will cherish till the end. Give peace to yourself and the body will peacefully heal your cells without asking for big treatments.

Make an attempt to slow down your running and allow your body to take its time to do as per its capability and not as per the speed this world might make you seem. Re-do your schedules and do some on the spot pampering by cancelling to go for a party if the body is not inclined and live the peace to heal the body because


Happy Health to all of you!!

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