Breathe deeply and heal yourself

Breathe deeply and heal yourself

Breathe deeply and heal yourself. When we come in this world, the first thing we learn is to breathe. The first breath that we take defines about life on this planet. In fact children breathe much deeper than we do.

Are you facing shortness of breath?

Are you aware of conscious breathing?

Are you breathing deeply?

Are you suffocated to breathe when you toil a bit?

Are your lungs able to purify air you intake as oxygen?

How is healing related to breathing deeply?

When we come in this world, the first thing we learn is to breathe. The first breath that we take defines about life on this planet. In fact children breathe much deeper than we do.

We as children had a deeper breath but over a period of time we learn to rush over lot of things that we take up to do and hence we start rushing to take our breaths faster and shorter. We are so much engrossed in all actions that we performandwe lose the hold of our deep breaths. In our day to day working routines we hardly give time to understand the utility of simple deep breaths which are the boons to our living. A deep breath full of lungs has immense benefits to reap.

But did you know that most people are shallow breathers and they very rarely give their body the kind and amount of oxygen it actually requires to function properly?

Lot of therapies have been evolved to learn different kinds of breathing and they are done as breathing exercises to neutralize our shallow breathing.‘Pranayam’ and ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ are the two very prominent and effective such therapies which help us to understand how important is rhythmic and deep breathing.

Breathing exercises like ‘Anulom-Vilom (breathing deeply from individual nostrils), ‘Bhastrika’, ‘Kapal-bhanti’(throwing out carbon dioxide rigorously from stomach), ‘Ujjai-bandh’ (holding the breath after exhale and close all gates) of ‘Pranayam’ are very effective and they fill up the body with immense amount of oxygen. Miraculous healings are seen in fracture injuries, cancer and heart dis-eases, in cases where people performed these exercises twice in a day for about forty five minutes to an hour. Oxygen actually is not only a requirement to be alive but it plays a very important role to healing.

Right amount of oxygen ensures following benefits to the body:

Helps to Release Toxins: Oxygen enables to release the toxins from the body. So when you don’t breathe properly, you are accumulating toxins and reducing your body’s ability to rid itself of toxins effectively. Helps to relax the Muscles: Your muscles become tight and contracted over a period of time and breathing deeply ensures your muscles to be flexible, purified and relaxed. Helps to improve Concentration: Deep breathing supplies your body with fresh oxygen, brain gets calmer and focused. Attention span and concentration improves.

Helps to Reduce Pains: Breathing helps to increase circulation to the affected area, relaxes the mind and body, reduces pain and helps in faster healing. Helps to boost Immune System: Breathing deeply improves the functioning of immune system and boosts body’s ability to fight with the dis-eases. Helps to Improve quality of Blood: Your blood cells, the main carriers of oxygen to various parts of body become healthier and so the quality of blood produced improves which helpsto make the blood healthier.

Helps to make your skin healthier: Deep breathes increase blood flow to the skin;in turn increase the amount of collagen produced, slows down the process of ageing and makes you look healthier. Helps to Improve your Stamina: Due to deep breathing, the duration of your exercises and action oriented activities increases without feeling breathlessness. This is actually because body uses oxygen to produce energy by burning glucose.

Helps to Improve Respiratory System: Deep breathing is like a workout for lungs. Body learns to hold more oxygen and work more efficiently which in turn works effectively on preventing and releasing conditions of sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, colds and coughs, chest infections, etc. Helps to Massage Organ walls and Heart Specifically: Breathing deeply helps your lungs expand, push diaphragm downwards which in turn helps the organs in stomach to work well and help to improve digestion.

Helps to Bring body and mind to Equilibrium and Be Peaceful: Breathing deeply helps to bring a lot of balance to mind, body and heart. With the calm it brings it in turn imbibes the peace within us. An ideal way is to have a fifteen minutes breathing exercise every day. Along with that, keep a reminder like a wind chime which would ring and remind you to be a conscious breather and remind you to take a couple of breaths deeply whenever it rings during the day.

Mind and body is all about how you train it to be. The moment we decide to be conscious about the breaths, we actually reduce our diseases to almost fifty percent and we increase our healing probabilities to almost double. Keep reminding your mind about breathing deeply and keep making breathing exercises as part of your regular regime to inhale ample of oxygen and heal each and every cell of your body to define your health in its own way for you.

It’s a good idea to sit for breathing exercises at a place which is secluded so that you can say a small prayer, “O Divine please heal me from within’ or ‘AOM’ three times to add some peace sound and make the best start of the breathing exercise as well as your day. It’s in your hands to simplify your healing experiences and make your body to take full benefits of deep breathing because-


Happy Health to all of you!!

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