Correct your posture and heal yourself

Correct your posture and heal yourself

Correct your posture and heal yourself. We are existential on this planet with its rules of gravity. Every one of us is supposed to follow the law of gravity for his existence regardless he believes in it or not.

Are you facing a muscle catch very often?

Are you sitting for long hours for desk or computer work?

Are you getting tired very soon?

Do you drive vehicles for more than an hour?

Are you using a laptop on your lap?

Are you doing your exercises right?

How is healing related to your correct postures?

We are existential on this planet with its rules of gravity. Every one of us is supposed to follow the law of gravity for his existence regardless he believes in it or not. From the very childhood we have been taught to walk, stand, sit and sleep in a certain way which is ergonomically good way to support our bones and structure of body. Every posture of ours is the replica of how our body has been handled and used with our consciousness about those postures.

At times we do not pay attention and bend suddenly, we sit with a jerk, we stand with weight on one side, we walk with our toes kept first on the floor, we sleep with a curved back, we exercise very fast and often wrongly to harm us more than help, etc. To have perfect state of bones and muscles, some simple corrections in postures can make a big difference and improve state of those bones and muscles. We have ample of postures to make our bodies live a perfect balance while we do any actions.

People who get a muscle catch around neck very often need to consciously work on the way they chew their food and how their dentures are not properly used. Spondylitis is the stage which can occur due to ignorance of your neck and shoulder use properly. Your spine is the replica of how you have been sitting and sleeping. Sitting with flat surface or on the floor with a jerk and getting up in an improper way puts a lot of weight on the weaker bones.

There is a difference in being flexible and using your body ergonomically. Women who wear heals, actually imbalance the spine and feet to result in back pains if the footwear is not of a good brand that ensures correct making of footwear. Men sitting with very loaded wallets actually sit in a position which is not good for the spine.

For an understanding of how much these postures impact your body we can look through the different corrections which can lead us to value each and every posture and correct them to help our bodies be able to be in perfect balance:

Sitting in Balance: For those who work for long hours at a desk have an option of going for an ergonomically designed chair which suits the spine and body height of the person or else use a small pillow for support. Always align your back with the back of the chair. Elbows at ninety degrees placed comfortably. Your system should be placed in the line of your face and your eyes to look straight without straining the neck.

Keep both feet on the ground or footrest making a right angle at your knees. Standing in Balance: While standing keep your shoulders straight and squared, your head upright, and your neck, back, and heels all aligned. Divide the weight of your body equally on both feet

Lifting in Balance: While lifting something heavier always bend at the knees instead of waist to put less weight on back and more on legs. Hold things close to your chest to put less effort.

Change arms frequently if you have lifted with one arm

Sleeping in Balance : Use a firm mattress rather than very soft to support your spine.Uneven cotton mattress is a complete no no. Sleeping on the back is better than on the stomach. If you sleep on your side, use a small flat pillow below knees for support to the spine Pillow should be used to cover the shoulders when sleeping on the back while when sleeping on the side it should end between the neck and shoulder to give proper support to the neck and shoulder bones.

Exercising in Balance: Always do yoga or any stretch exercises very slowly to give a perfect and balanced stretch to the muscles. Any Back exercises to be done along with the relaxing exercise after doing that. Any gym exercising needs to be as per proper posture advice and doing more in a day will harm you more than benefiting you. Exercises can be done every day for the same duration or alternative days but doing once in a while will not help much.

Walking in Balance: Always put your heal first to put your foot forward to walk. This is best for your spine and other connected bones and body is well aligned with the gravity in this case. Putting full feet instead of heal does not align your spine. A person can be tired sooner due to this kind of walking. Avoid pushing your head forward and keeping the chin up while walking. Walk with your neck straight and shoulders stretched outside with a straight spine.

An ideal way is to follow these simple things to align your body with the gravity and remain optimally utilized with least effort and reduce unnecessary fatigue and pains.In case of any imbalance it is ideal to try these two simple exercises and see the balancing done in minutes:

Sit on the floor with crossed legs and put your hand behind on your spine in a way that the elbow is in right angle and the other hand to rest on the lap. Do it for five minutes by each hand it will balance the spine and shoulder bones.

Sit on the floor with left leg in a crossed position and right leg placed like a mountain on the floor so much so that the feet of the right leg is rested on the left feet. Place right elbow on the right knee and hold the two hands. Do this for five minutes and repeat with the opposite sides in the same way.

Doing this exercise as many as five times in a day can relieve from any trivial catch and balancing issues.

A well aligned and balanced body takes every action to soothe the body for its effective healing of muscles and bones and in turn ensures to avoid pains and sprains which take a long time to heal sometimes due to continued wrong postures. So know the correction, apply it and ensure your body is in Perfect Balancebecause –


Happy Health to all of you!!

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