How to lose 5 kgs without exercising

How to lose 5 kgs without exercising

Working out every day feels monotonous and sometimes, you don’t feel like – but when you are on a weight loss regime, shedding those extra pounds seems to be a big deal.

Working out every day feels monotonous and sometimes, you don’t feel like – but when you are on a weight loss regime, shedding those extra pounds seems to be a big deal. However, weight loss doesn’t necessarily have to require serious gym schedule; it is possible with simple daily routines which help you lose the extra fat without exercising.

Check out these simple techniques:

Protein pack:

Consuming proteins requires 25 percent more energy to digest which results in cutting down calorie intake without eating less food. Proteins release a hormone called leptin from the body which makes you feel fuller.

Salt water:

Adding a pinch of real salt (unrefined and unbleached) or Celtic sea salt to water is a recommended drink as the electrolytes in the salt helps push water into cells rather than flushing out water and makes the body stay hydrated.

Skipping meals:

It’s a known fact that skipping meals leads to hogging more food. Instead of having the wrong food or eating too much after skipping meals, keep your belly satisfied with healthy snacks in between meals.

Late night snacking:

Usually people who are prone to work late nights or tend to stay up late end up having late-night snacks resulting weight gain. Hormones - ghrelin and leptin with lack of sleep impacts your hunger and fullness making it more difficult to lose weight.

Get Fidgeting:

A non- exercise activity thermogenesis or NEAT can burn up calories in simple activities like cleaning, walking while you talk on the phone, dancing while you cook, fidgeting as it speeds up your metabolism.

Food Journal:

Maintaining a food journal helps you to keep in check on the foods you eat on a daily routine.

Weighing yourself:

It’s never a good idea to keep obsessed with your weight as getting too wrapped about the weight you need to shed can discourage you and might end up in you giving up altogether. Hence instead of a weighing scale, focus on clothes or selfies taken weekly to estimate the weight loss.

Cooking shows:

The yummy recipes from cooking shows actually make you gain more weight than those who don’t follow the recipes. So instead of trying out these recipes, concentrate on healthy food.


Share your workout commitments on social media as the support from others will motivate you to keep it going rather than give up and take a cheat day.


The powdered green tea containing extremely high amounts of epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG helps stop the growth of fat cells and also is laden with health benefits.

Update your iPhone:

Apple’s new Health app on iOS 8 is an extremely advantageous app which helps you track your daily activity, how well you sleep, what you eat and tons of other health stats.

Go public:

Instead of commuting via cars or cabs, opting for public transport helps you reducing body fat due to the extra standing and walking when you take a train or a bus.


An Amazonian berry named camu camu contains about 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C in just 3.5 ounces of fruit which helps lower blood sugar. However, these berries cannot be found at a local grocery store but can be purchased at natural health food stores or online in the form of a raw powder that can be mixed into smoothies.

Go nuts:

Nuts in a diet results in greater weight loss – almonds reduce belly fat and risk of heart disease, peanuts improve vascular health.

Realistic goals:

Instead of going for a crash-and-burn diet, opt for healthy routines one at a time as too much change makes your body feel overwhelmed.

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