Now Pregnancy Termination Only If There Is A Life Threat
Now Pregnancy Termination Only If There Is A Life Threat

New Delhi: Centre warns against relaxing 20- week rule on abortion. The centre on Monday informed the Supreme Court that the 45- year old medical termination of pregnancy act, with the 2002 amendment, was adequate to handle pregnancy complications warranting abortion and warned against any general relaxation in the 20- week limit for termination of pregnancy.


On October 29, 2014 a draft of the medical Termination of pregnancy released a  (MTP amendment bill) 2014.The original MTP Act, was drafted in 1971 allowed terminations only upto 20 weeks of pregnancy by an allopathic doctor.

Draft bill produced provides abortion beyond 20 weeks under defined valid conditions. If there is any substantial risk to the mother or the child termination could be allowed between 20- 24 weeks as well.

There is no limit on termination in case of emergencies or any prevailing abnormalities in foetus.Any doctor an allopathic, ayurvedic a homeopath, unani or siddha or nurse can do abortion.