Buying Baby Products? Please consider these important Aspects
Buying Baby Products? Please consider these important Aspects

Gone are the days when new parents were clueless about essential baby care products and relied on age old home remedies and conventional times. Over the years, the exposure to new, technically-advanced and safer products have simplified the task of feeding and maintaining the health and hygiene of babies. However, most parents tend to forget and also overlook certain aspects while buying baby products. So here's a list of some common factors that parents often overlook while buying baby products.

Toxic Chemicals Found in Feeding Bottles:

Did you know that the normal feeding bottle can contain toxic levels which are harmful for your baby? In various studies carried out it had been found that most feeding bottles have high levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) which can can cause behavioural issues, fluctuation in hormone levels and a high risk of cancer. So, always make sure that your baby's feeding bottle or milk container is BPA Free.

Harsh Shampoos And Moisturizers :

Many adult shampoos contain agent, sodium lauryl sulfate, which dries out the hair. So using such shampoos for your is a strict no! Unfortunately, some baby shampoo may also contain quaternium -15 which releases formaldehyde, the main cause of skin irritations. So make sure you use mild shampoos that contain surfactants that help in cleansing and moisturising your baby's hair.

Phthalates present in Toys and Teethers :

During a baby's growing stages, it is quite common to see toys and teethers that are made from soft plastic, dangling from the mouth. Most of these toys have phthalates which may possibly enter the body and which may lead to health risks such as genital and urinary malformations and prostrate cancer in boys. 

Phthalates are chemicals that are used to make PVC that increases the flexibility of the products. Thus, many of these toys put the lives of children at risk. Therefore, while buying toys, be careful about getting phthalates free baby products and always read the labels. 

Ensure nail clippers are safe :

Cuffing a baby's nails is a challenging task, as one minute mistake can seriously hurt the baby. So, it is essential that you choose products that are safe, easy to handle and durable. A thorough review of the market before buying any product can be of great help, as lack of knowledge regarding this may severely harm your child.