Plans underway to make Hyderabad a global city

  • 6 lane expressway along the Musi River
  • A suspension bridge across Durgam Cheruvu
  • Two reservoirs at the south and north of the city
  • LED streetlights in next 3 months
  • 1100 bio-toilets
  • Swanky waste disposal vehicles
  • Treatment of waste: dry waste for energy and wet waste for manure
  • Cycling track along Gandipet
  • 10,000 CCTV cameras
  • Policemen will now wear cameras on them
  • A regional road around the ORR will have clusters of satellite townships set up
In a first-of-its-kind event, the IT Mininster KT Rama Rao gave a presentation of the aims of the government for the State and fielded questions on a variety of issues following a discussion at Rock Heights in Hitec City recently. The topic of discussion was Brand Hyderabad, and the minister eloquently addressed each topic on the matter.

KTR said, "We boast of being world-class. But, do we have smart traffic management or basic facilities like as portable drinking water? No. What we need is a planned and structured method for the State, and plans are underway."

In a PowerPoint presentation addressing the existing issues as well as the future and ongoing plans of the TRS government, KTR spoke of sustainable development along with environment management side-by-side.

He said, "We are keen on balancing environment safety with development. While we are working on the Metro Rail project, we also plan to have 100 bicycle stations on the side of the Metro so one doesn't have to use a vehicle to get there."

Speaking about the Metro Rail project, KTR promised that it is very much on course and the five-year promise will be kept; the project will be completed in 2017. 

On the topic of governance, he said, "I'm a firm believer in the theory that governance should not be seen or heard, it should be felt. Having lived for eight years in the United States, I never had to speak with any government official except for my driving license, and we are working on the same method here." 

In addition, KTR apologised for the delay in fulfilling his promise of setting up free WiFi facilities in the city; he confessed that it hasn't been completed yet.