Mumbai-based organisation ‘Rudralife’ conducted a Rudraksha exhibition from May 12-16 at Taj Krishna. The main objective of the event was to show the benefits of wearing a Rudraksha to the people.
Tanay Seetha, the founder of Rudralife, worked as an electrical engineer for a multinational textile company in Indonesia before starting his company in 2001. “The main objective of Rudralife is to share benefits of Rudraksha to the people. 

As per stories Rudraksha derived when tear drops of Lord Shiva fell on earth and the Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) was born from it. As per ancient texts Rudraksha beads are 1 mukhi (face) to 21 mukhis. 

A mukhi is a basic line on the Rudraksha. People believe that a 27 mukhis Rudraksh also exist in nature because of the 27 stars. Rudraksha contains elements like Barium, Copper, Gold, Iron, Manganese and Silver,” Tanay said.

Rudralife has organised more than 750 exhibitions in India, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius. They also published one book ‘Power of Rudraksha’.

 “We recommend Rudrakshas as per a person’s date of birth and astrology. We also recommend them to people according to their professions, for example, we give Saraswati Bandh Rudraksha to students. 

It increases memory power, concentration, and intelligence in students,” Tanay adds. 

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