Roger Snipes with Jag Chima CEO Physique Global
Roger Snipes with Jag Chima CEO Physique Global

 An educational and motivational seminar underscoring the importance of fitness for the benefit of Hyderabad is was organised by Physique Global, which is into fitness mentoring to trainers and fitness enthusiasts, and Kris Gethin Gyms, on Thursday.

“I always wanted to come to India. I want to give tips to women to maintain fitness after marriage. One has to be mentally strong to change their body shape.  

I believe the body should move freely irrespective of what one does as a daily chore. If you have a target, you try to learn from the best or take someone’s help to achieve your goals,” explained Andreia Brazier.

“First and foremost, an individual should be serious about undertaking the fitness journey. In our upcoming session, I want to give tips to achieve fitness, the easier way. 

Our earlier visit to Mumbai our efforts were tremendously appreciated. The trainees were enthusiastic seeing the physical and mental well-being that was brought about,” pointed out Roger Snipes, UK Musclemania Champion and Fitness model.

“I like the idea of molding, crafting and shaping the body to one’s own specification. Anyone can take a car to a garage to get it modified but when you put in the work yourself, it’s a lot more gratifying,” he adds.The motive behind this initiative is to encourage people through quality education. 

“This is the first of several seminars we have lined up. Brazier did a wonderful job in changing the mindset of several women, who sought our help and benefitted from the quality education that was provided,” said, Jag Chima, CEO of Physique Global.

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