(From left) Dr Hari Prasad, Dr Rahul Lath, Patient Sumalata Chavan, Patient Josephine Simao and Dr Alok Ranjan
(From left) Dr Hari Prasad, Dr Rahul Lath, Patient Sumalata Chavan, Patient Josephine Simao and Dr Alok Ranjan

Apollo Hospitals performed a minimally invasive advanced spine surgery using the latest technology ‘Mazor Robotics’ on eight patients including the wife of former Foreign Minister of Mozambique, Josephine Simao. Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr Alok Ranjan performed the procedure, which enables precise placement of instrumentation in spine. 

Dr Ranjan announced the feat in the city on Tuesday and explained the differences between conventional and Mazor Robitcs spine surgery. “In conventional spine surgery the key challenge has always been placement of instrumentation in spine. 

Especially placing of screws more so in a deformed spine without damaging the nerves has been a huge task for surgeons. The recovery period is over an extended period of fifteen days to a month or more.

“Currently there are navigation systems, which can guide to some extent, but Mazor Robotics is generation ahead in precision as well as dynamic planning which cannot be matched by the existing ones,” he said.

Elaborating on its advantages, Dr Hari Prasad, President of Apollo Hospitals Group said, “Apart from precision, Mazor Robotics helps in faster surgery, quicker recovery and is a great boon in minimally invasive spine surgery. Additionally, the radiation dose for operating room staff which is the current hidden monster is virtually eliminated.”

“Given a choice, all spine surgeries requiring instrumentations should be done with Mazor Robotics,” said Dr Ranjan and added that in a few years from now the procedure can be used for a brain surgery.

Josephine Simao underwent this surgery on August 18 and was able to walk on August 20. “I had disc problem for the last five years; had taken lots of injections back home and on an occasion slipped into coma for two days. 

That's when I decided to get treated at Apollo. Here I am sitting in front of you, crossing my legs, an impossible task for someone who underwent a surgery just last Thursday. I am walking and leading a normal life,” she said.