M Vedakumar, President, Forum speaking
M Vedakumar, President, Forum speaking

The Forum For a Better Hyderabad (FBH) organised a ‘Memorial Meet’ under the ‘Great Tamarind Tree’, which saved lives of more than 150 people during the disastrous Musi Flood of 1908, in Osmania General Hospital Park on Wednesday.

The members of the Forum along with scholars, historians, members from NGOs, schoolchildren and teachers gathered to pay homage to the people who lost their lives in the floods. 

They discussed about the facilities, such as roads, drainage, urban development in the period of Nizam and measures taken after the disaster. They also discussed on the recent heavy rains that caused severe damage to infrastructure and property.

M Vedakumar, President, Forum in his speech described the city as the City of Lake, Garden city and the City of Bicycle once upon a time. 

“The facilities, which were provided during Nizam period, are still continuing. The previous Governments did not take any initiative for the better development of Hyderabad and also encouraged illegal constructions in the city,” he said.

He expressed that a there is a need for ‘Perfect Master Plan’ with a comprehensive methodology in HMDA design for the development of Hyderabad. “Increasing population is a concern and one of the reasons for the recent floods, because many people encroached upon the rivers,” he opined.

“The Musi River should be cleaned and saved,” he added. Prominent historian Aanand Raj Varma called for the declaration of ‘the tree’ as a heritage site and requested for the beautification of the park.

Later, Sanghamitra Malik, Joint Secretary of Forum recited a poem on ‘Tamarind Tree’. The students of Oxford grammar School sang songs on the importance of greenery, nature and on the Tamarind Tree.
FBH Members MH Rao, Adarsh, Jeevan Kumar, HRF, Afzul, Turab, COVA, Basvaraj, APSA, Anand Raj Varma, Historian, Pittala Srisailam, Ex MLA K Narsimha Reddy, Surjit Singh, Jaffar Hashmi, Medical Officer, OGH also participated in the programme.