Theatre fever is taking the Hyderabad cultural scene by storm. Last weekend Samahaara Theatre group performed three shows of various productions as a part of Samahaara Theatre Festival 2016: 

“Acharya Tartuffe” a hilarious play in Hindi to a full house on November 26, and “Nakaab” a children's play at Lamakaan and a street play on climate change at Vengal Rao Park on November 27.

“Acharya Tartuffe” is a Hindi adaptation of Moliere’s controversial play ‘Le Tartuffe’, meaning the impostor, or the hypocrite. 

Written in 1664 the play sheds light on hypocrisy prevailing in the society, especially on the matters of religion and morality. 

This hilarious play was brought to life by the director employing a style of acting which is melodramatic and makes the actors use their bodies to create humor. 

The street play at Vengal Rao Park on Sunday on Climate Change dealt with the very imminent and urgent issues of noxious gases polluting the atmosphere. 

Climate change is a danger to humanity and the planet and it’s completely manmade and what more, irreversible. 

The key now is to commit to stop activities damaging the Earth and make every individual and corporation aware of its dangers even as powerful countries deny the threat and continue nefarious activities. 

Theatre we believe is a powerful medium; especially street theatre with its ability to reach and teach people at a very basic and personal level through an entertaining format. 

The street play was received very well by the patrons of the park who later asked questions regarding the issue discussed in the play.

On the same day, Samahaara Children’s Theatre Workshop (Weekend) which had kids of ages seven to 13 years performed their workshop production "Nakaab" directed by Sandeep Sahu at Lamakaan to gratuitous applause. 

The kids sparkled in their roles. A new generation of performers took their first proud steps and hopefully will never look back.