Sumanto Chaudhury
Sumanto Chaudhury

Artist Sumanto Chaudhury was born in West Bengal and finished his Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. His work ‘Beyond Horizon’ is being exhibited at Shrishti art gallery till November 12.

Sumanto has been working on the landscape of Hyderabad for last 10 years. He has experienced the many changes of cityscape both demolitions and constructions and tried to amalgamate them to recreate his compositions. His work centres around the daily life of locals in the natural of urban and sub-urban environment of Hyderabad.

“Through my works, I want to represent Hyderabad as a joyful city, showing it’s all familiar features in one place. While watching my works viewers might connect with their memories. For outsiders also, I want to give a clear picture of Hyderabad.”  

Sumanto’s work gives a glimpse of old Hyderabad, be it auto-rickshaw or a landscape. “I love Hyderabad and I can make anything with auto-rickshaws. I love them and I feel that they are always in a hurry and may even fly if they get wings,” he shares.

He has fused his earlier works innovatively to give a newer perspective. About his series, he says, “My new series of works based on Hyderabad, is mainly dealing with the architectural space, detail of interior, life of native people, local festivals and other inextricable fragrances of the city.

Juxtaposing them on my pictorial space I want to show the cultural diversity and the colourful life of Hyderabad, that fascinates me to work on them repeatedly. Though I have been working on the landscape of Hyderabad for last 10 years, this set of works have extended my practice to another arena of in-depth study. In my upcoming show, I am presenting paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures along with an installation work.” 

Sumanto also trained in Santiniketan before moving to Hyderabad 12 years ago, is inspired by his mentor K Laxma Goud.  “It is my privilege that at a young age I got the opportunity to work under him. He has taught me so many things as a teacher and a guide.

We used to discuss work and different techniques of printmaking while working together or chatting on tea. Till now the discussion continues and I am learning from him every day.” 

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