Tandur traffic, a nightmare
Tandur traffic, a nightmare

Tandur: With traffic inconvenience becoming a daily affair, Tandur town has become a nightmare for commuters and other people. Accidents are occurring on a regular basis. There are allegations that officials concerned aren’t exploring permanent solutions.

The traffic in the town is being multiplied continuously as it is commercially developing. There are five cement factories. The roads are seen ever busy with an average of 500 heavy vehicles transporting industrial material. Apart from these heavy vehicles there are at least 1,500 vehicles transporting commodities.  

Only little space has been left for commuters and passersby at places including Ganj Road, Bus Station Centre and Mallappa Madige Circle as fruit vendors encroached either sides of these roads. School and College students are becoming victims with the inconvenient road.

Improper parking of Lorries at parking lots is another reason for accidents. Cement-laden vehicles in large numbers are seen parked on either sides of Tandur-Gouthapur-Kirankod road. This has become problem for two-wheelers, auto-rickshaws, jeeps, buses and other vehicles to make a move. 

The unorganized traffic and negligence of drivers and least concernment of the officials concerned is causing deathbeds for many people. There are examples of people being injured critically in accidents. About 10 people lost their lives in the past two years alone due to road accidents.

Recently a lorry went berserk, ran over a milk vendor killing him on the spot and a Swift car parked in front of a Lodge near Tandur Bus Station.

When so much havoc is going in the town, the officials of R&B, Municipal and Police departments are showing lethargic attitude in concentrating on the most crucial issues. They are failing to come up with a permanent solution to prevent mishaps in the town.
People urge officials concerned to widen roads and arrange necessary infrastructure on the roads.