Kotii Reddy Saripalli
Kotii Reddy Saripalli

Education is important and most of the people believe that success will come through proper education. Some people achieve great results without any education just by their passion. Until today, many people in various fields reached great heights without education. 

Koti Reddy has a story worth sharing, from data entry operator in Gudivada to Chief App Architect in Microsoft, USA

Here, we are talking about the same kind of people. Kotii Reddy Saripalli is one of them who started his career as a data entry operator and worked as Chief App Architect in Microsoft. Later, he started his own company Kotii Group of Ventures and helps people to get easy solutions in several fields.  
Speaking with The Hans India, Kotii Reddy shared his journey.“I was born and brought up in Gudivada, Krishna District. Hailing from a middle-class family, I have had a habit of reading various biopics since my childhood. I love to read books about human psychology. Bill Gates book ‘The Road Ahead’ has influenced me a lot. I studied my SSC in 1998 and learned PGDCA course in Gudivada. Satyam Ramalinga Raju is the inspiration for many people to enter computers in Telugu states,” said Kotii Reddy.

“I came to Hyderabad to achieve great results in the field of computers and worked as a C Language faculty. After one month of coaching, ZITT company offered me a job,” added Kotii Reddy.

Speaking about how he got a job in Microsoft, Reddy said “After knowing my talent in programming languages, I got a call from Microsoft for a interview. The very next day, I cleared the 12 rounds of Microsoft interview and it was a dream come true for me.

At that time, I became the Youngest Java Certified Professional (JCP) in India,”  He even got selected as a Chief App Architect at Microsoft, Reddy faced many hurdles before he joined Microsoft due to his low qualification (SSC). “After my interview at Microsoft, they asked me for my educational certificates and I sent my SSC memo. They said, according to their policy they won’t take candidates who do not have a direct degree. 

I said  it was okay, but I asked them one thing ‘If a successful company found by a college dropout is not giving an opportunity to a talented guy’. After four days, I got a call from Microsoft officials and they said I can work with them and assured me they had no problem with my qualification. I was the first one from India to get a job in Microsoft without a degree certificate,” informed Kotii Reddy. 

Kotii Reddy said that his parents encouraged him since his childhood and all his success credit goes to them. “Since my childhood, my mother used to say I will become a great man. Every time I heard those words, I got inspired,”

After working at Microsoft for more than 10 years, Kotii Reddy resigned his job and started Kotii Group of Ventures to help peopl in fields like AgriTech, ConstructionTech, EducationTech, HealthTech, and MediaTech. He is spending 33 percent of his profits for the poor people.

He started companies like Bharath Innovations, Digital Education, DZ Pay, Kotii Foundation, India Herald, Bodha, Seva Foundation, Crow blood, Citrus Clinic, Snagger and more. Kotii group owns 70 percent of all these companies. He also received Doctorate from the University of Washington.

“Bharath Health Care is aimed to empower 783 crore people of the world spread across 238 countries by empowering them to be in charge of their health and health of their family members and E Gudi provides the technology to holy places and empower devotees of any place to have darshan and services of god of their thoughts and pass on the traditional heritage to kids,” shared Kotii Reddy.

“Today we can produce many jobs using technology and we can simplify all issues. We need to create proper awareness among people to understand the benefits of using technology. I did not take computer by chance I took it as a choice,” concluded Kotii Reddy.