Ruhaniyat–Sufi music fest in city on December 16

THE HANS INDIA |   Dec 11,2018 , 06:36 AM IST

Ruhaniyat–Sufi music fest in city on December 16
Ruhaniyat–Sufi music fest in city on December 16
Hyderabad: The 18thedition of the All India Sufi and Mystic Music festival, ‘Ruhaniyat,’ will be held at Taramati Baradari Amphitheatre on December 16 at 6:15pm. Ruhaniyat will travel to eight cities once again covering east, west, south and north India. The festival features living traditions from remote parts of the country, and as a rule there are no star performers. Like every year, special guest artists from other countrieswill participate in the festival.

The festival presents the immortal works of great masters and saints who talk about the oneness of all creations, universal brotherhood, peace, harmony and unconditional love. More than a concert, ‘Ruhaniyat’ is an enriching experience emerging from the combined power of music and spirituality; opening the hearts, and minds of all witnessing it. As the works of great masters and mystics come alive, they remind the listeners of the blissful path of spirituality, basic oneness of beyond all man-made divides of class, caste, religion, race, language or nationality.

The festival has also created much-needed bridges that ensure these living traditions and the unique aspects of our intangible heritage. In that sense, ‘Ruhaniyat’ is also a platform to discover new forms and talents, and helps one discover a little peaceful realm within and connect with it. ‘Ruhaniyat’ is now considered a movement connecting all who believe in the power of unconditional love, total surrender of ego and unity of all. After the Hyderabad event, Ruhaniyat caravan will travel to Chennai (February 3) and Ahmedabad (February 8) and will conclude in Pune (February 10). 

What: Ruhaniyat music festival
Where: Taramati Baradari 
Amphitheatre, Ibrahimbagh
When:  December 16 from 6:15pm
Contact: 9223231359.

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