The musical waves

THE HANS INDIA |   Dec 13,2018 , 03:47 AM IST

The musical waves
Sonorous ghazals, delightful light classicals by young and upcoming musicians were the prominent features of ‘Shaam-e-Tarang’ held recently. Organised by TARANG a forum to encourage upcoming musicians of Indian classical music from the twin cities, the musical evening was well attended and singers Harini Rao, Vandana Shete and Sandeep Kelkar who chose to present songs of light classical genre. 

The first part of the program featured Vandana Shete and then Sandeep Kelkar who presented some delightful Ghazal compositions of Sayeed Shaheedi,Moazamza Shaheed, Muzzaffar Warsi, Nazeer Qazmiin raagas, Yamankalyan, Bhimpalas, Desh, Sarang, Darbari etc. The sangat on the harmonium by Yakub Ali and on the tabla by Syed Usman blended well to create a melodic synergy as Vandana rendered ‘Sare raah dil ki nishaani chhod aaye’, a composition by her Guru Devi Ramanamurthy and Sandeep Kelkar presented ‘Mujhko maujon ki rawaani de de’ drawing repeated applause from the audience.

Yakub Ali also sang a delightful ghazal of Zafar Gorakhpuri in Marwa much to the delight of the music lovers present. Popular singer Harini Rao presented an array of Thumris, Dadras, a bilingual Urdu & Telugu ghazal and Nirgunibhajans that included Behagbandishki thumri, dadra in pilu and Manjkhamaaj, pahadi Thumri, bilingual ghazal in Maru Behaag, Nirguni bhajans in Bhatiyar and Mishr Ahir  Bhairav – her unique voice gave a pleasant edge to the rendition. She was ably supported on the harmonium by Sandeep Kelkar and Tabla by Shrinivas. 

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