Tables turned in Pakistan

Tables turned in Pakistan

Sharif becomes PM, Musharraf under arrest Islamabad (IANS): The tables have turned in Pakistan, said a leading daily on Thursday pointing out that...

Sharif becomes PM, Musharraf under arrest sharifIslamabad (IANS): The tables have turned in Pakistan, said a leading daily on Thursday pointing out that Nawaz Sharif is again occupying the Prime Minister's chair while erstwhile military strongman General Pervez Musharraf is under arrest. Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday became the first man to be elected Prime Minister in the country for a third time. "He is unparalleled as a Pakistani head of government ousted in a military coup and brought back by popular vote. There may be more reasons why the occasion needs to be celebrated just as it has to be marked with some solemn vows," said an editorial in the Dawn Thursday. "The tables have turned. Nawaz Sharif is back in the Prime Minister's chair and General Pervez Musharraf is under arrest and facing trial," it added. Sharif has already served as Prime Minister for two non-consecutive terms �the first from Nov 1, 1990 to July 18, 1993, and the second from Feb 17, 1997 to Oct 12, 1999. He was sent into exile in 2000 by then military ruler Pervez Musharraf following the dismissal of his elected government in October 1999. The daily noted that in his speech after his election in the National Assembly, the new Prime Minister made a conscious effort to build on this reputation as a politician who has undergone the course and has learnt. "He spoke of merit, about economic and social mobility manifest in his promise to have a train run between Khunjerab and Gwadar and before that he talked about respecting the mandates given to political parties," it added.
Musharraf to be tried at farmhouse
musharafIslamabad (PTI): A Pakistani court on Thursday allowed the trial of former military ruler Musharraf for sacking and detaining dozens of judges in 2007 to be conducted at his farmhouse that has been declared a sub-jail. The Islamabad High Court said that anti-terrorism court Judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi could conduct 69-year-old Musharraf's trial at his sprawling farmhouse in the suburb of Chak Shahzad. The court gave its ruling after its Registrar and Zaidi reviewed security arrangements at the farmhouse. The anti-terrorism court is hearing a case against Musharraf for detaining dozens of members of the superior judiciary after imposing emergency rule in 2007. Islamabad had no anti-terrorism courts till recently and the court was created specifically for Musharraf's trial.
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